Learning should be fun. While I know it can be challenging too, I’d like to make it as interesting and as enjoyable as possible especially for Riley. This is also the reason why our house is bursting with children’s books of all sorts and everyone at home, including our extended families, sing to nursery rhymes aka Riley’s Spotify playlist.

For some reason, Riley already knows the sounds of letters and the alphabet without being forced to learn or being reprimanded for mistakes. He also likes to chant the alphabet (in a singsong voice and sometimes with matching dance moves) to people he meets. That and counting backwards because he’s amused with rockets launching and he often sees it in elevators/traffic lights.

We try to make it a point to read to him before bed time (and during the day when time allows) and one thing I noticed is that learning 3 letter words are a bit challenging for Riley at the moment so I figured why not start with 2. I also don’t want him to forget about his mother tongue. These were the thoughts I had in mind when I was making this template. That and they need to be colorful. Mommy’s preference. *wink*

I hope you find this free Filipino Syllables Template useful for your kid, niece, nephew, and siblings too. Click the button above to download it. It’s in a pdf file, ready for you to print. Enjoy! laughing

PS: Need tips on how to go about printing this template? Check out the end of this post for tips about printing and paper: Papercraft Projects Free Downloadable Templates.

PPS: We’ve previously made flash cards on numbers, months and the days of the week (in both English and Filipino) for Riley. Would you also be interested in them? Let us know in the comments and we’ll see if we can turn them into downloadables too. smile