Food Pictures: Taste Versus Presentation

Googly Gooeys of Food & Pictures Ugly Yet Yummy Food like the first time you made pancakes"I swear it's yummy" Presentable & Yummy Food "Oooooh...this is definitely Instagram worthy" Ugly Food, Ugly Taste: What You See is What You Get "Is this food or is this poison?" Pretty Food That Tastes Really Bad "Pretty but only on the outside just like some people."

There was a time when people would gather together at the dining table and enjoy everyone’s company with good food.  Now, most of the netizens (myself included) have this penchant for capturing their gastronomic adventures.  Last night,  I wanted to take pictures of my macarons just because they’re just so pretty & yummy.  Too bad I can’t seem to bear the long trip home (1 1/2 hours–yes, I’m that patient *sarcastic*) so I consumed them even before I can take pictures of them.  And, and, and, there’s this neurotic part of me that prefers daylight for all my photo and I can’t definitely wait for the morning ’til I can eat my macarons. Ho ho ho.

While staring at the crumbs on my tiny box of desserts, I thought, “Why don’t I come up with a Cartesian plane of a food’s Instagram worthiness versus its taste? Here are some examples of what kind of food could fall into each quadrant (Does this remind you of your Algebra classes yet?):

Upper Right: Well, this is all too familiar.  Just think of your favorite dessert places. (P.S. Check out Chez Karine at Serendra, BGC)

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Lower Right: The macarons that tasted like 2-day old meringue & recycled paper.  After this, I became cynical of food pictures.  Are they really yummy or is that just good lighting & styling?

Upper Left: Anything I cook or prepare. Hahaha. I mentioned how I cooked ugly pancakes in this post.  But if you kept your eyes closed, they’re really yummy! They’re chocolate chip with Toblerone after all!  ‘Til this day, Ponggo & my friends are still laughing at me each time I defend my pancakes. 😉 Anyway, good thing Ponggo is a kitchen superhero always there to save me from my kitchen mishaps.

Lower Left: That restaurant or menu item that you already had bad feelings about but tried anyway. Then again, how can we discover the yummiest food if we didn’t try the seemingly non-edible ones? What will then be our benchmark? Haha.

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