Computer File Types: Ninja Files & More!

Googly Gooeys Types of Computer Files 1. New Files - These are the ones you just created. You will have a mini heart attack if it disappears because you're supposed to submit them in a few hours. 2. The Ones That Got Away - You only realize their importance once they disappear (just like relationships & opportunities you've taken for granted. 3. Junk - You only found out about their existence when you tried cleaning up your hard drive. 4. Desktop files - It's just there, scattered, begging for attention but you just choose to ignore it until your desktop becomes really messy. 5. Ninja Files - Essentially any file you can't find!

Some Computer File Types!

Nope. Let’s do away with the real file types & file extensions for a bit.  Hmm…I’m actually a bit paranoid about having too many files that fall under #’s 1 & 3!  I have to back-up my files real soon before they turn into #2 or #5! *Ahhhh…rushes to the nearest external hard drive*

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