Over the family dinner, Ponggo’s sister introduced us to the Flappy Bird App.  If you still haven’t tried it, you should download it from the App store nowwwwww!  It’s very light and you’ll find yourself playing in no time! *Did I just sound like an ad?*  

At first glance, you’ll think, “Ooh, reminds me of Mario land! Ooh, pixel art.”  Okay, let’s get real.  Not everyone really says “Ooh” in real life.  Anyway, here’s our mini Flappy Bird App review.  Well, more of our complicated feelings (yes, feelings!) about the app! *Something tells me we have no future in tech blogging…We’re so emotional about the non-living & the abstract!*

Flappy Bird Review

You could say you’ll eventually develop a love-hate relationship with the Flappy Bird App.  At one time, you’re super happy because it’s such an amusing game.  At other times, you feel like throwing away your phone (at which point you realize you really can’t because that will make things more miserable).  At some point, you’ll feel that your patience, perseverance (& heck even your character) being tested.  On the quest to beating your high score, you eventually find yourself playing & playing the game again & again.

Sometimes, it will make you feel depressed, sometimes, it’ll make you question your life choices and even your existence: It will make you paranoid as to whether or not that funny-yet-not-so-funny head-first dive is a metaphor for your life in general!  However, in the end, when you finally get through one more obstacle, ahh…the bittersweet taste and smell of virtual success (which doesn’t really taste or smell like anything because it’s virtual)!

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What makes the game endearing is the nostalgia it offers to us kids who grew up with 8-bit graphics. (3D what???)  Yup, you’ll find yourself reminiscing…that is, if you’re not busy questioning why this game exists and why people are playing it!  Then you realize that your supposed stress buster has become your ultimate source of stress.  Aww…You’re officially in a roller coaster ride of emotions!  Admit it, you’re in love with the Flappy Bird! 😉

Happy Tapping!


Tipsy & Ponggo❤

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Update as of February 9, 2014:

Flappy Bird Will Be Deleted

So I was trying to beat my alarm & ended up browsing my Instagram feed & saw people posting the status update of Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird.  Wahh! No! He’s actually deleting the game in just a few hours.

Flappy Bird Will Be Taken Down

He also said in his other Tweets that “it is not anything related to legal issues” following the  speculations that his app actually very similar to other existing games.  Oh noes.  According to The Guardian, users who will have already downloaded the game, will continue enjoying it. *Whew!*

Well, we don’t usually share news on this site but this one’s just a bit life-changing *sarcastic*. Hahaha.
Anyway, this is a bittersweet ending to our suffering!

Tipsy & Ponggo

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