What Girls Get Giddy About on Valentine’s Day

Some people think girls are pretty tough to crack.  Do they like teddy bears? Do they like flowers? What kind of flowers? How many flowers??!?  I’m pretty sure some guys would even catch themselves thinking over and over (with matching beads of sweat running down their temples) out of sheer panic because they don’t know how their gifts, schemes or surprises will measure up to their girl’s expectations.

Valentine’s day is just a week away and to give guys an idea of what to do on V-day (calling Ponggo *ahem, ahem*), fashion blogger & actress Laureen Uy of BreakMyStyle.com shared with us what makes girls kilig (giddy) on Valentine’s day!

We met Laureen two years ago while waiting for our flight to attend the NAPBAS in Malaysia.  So far, she’s always been one of the most down-to-earth, carefree, sweet & fun loving gals we’ve ever met not to mention with a quirky, edgy and daring sense of style.  She’s also on everyone’s fitspiration list 😉  *Yes, mine too!*

Without further ado, here’s Lau’s tips for all you love birds out there!  Breathe in, breathe out.  I’m pretty sure you’ll easily survive V-day with these. 😉

What Girls Get Giddy About on Valentine's Day

Now, you know that more than all the gifts that you can think of, it’s really something intangible that girls are looking for!  It may be a surprise or a gift but it the end, it’s really the thought and sincerity that counts.  In Laureen’s own words, “In short, effort…Yung hindi lang binili ang gift, pinaghirapan talaga.” As for number 6, it also helps if your valentine is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, band member & veejay, right? Hahahaha. *Peace Laureen!*

Thanks for sharing your tips Lau & happy V-day to you & Champ in advance!❤

Don’t forget to check out Laureen’s blog for more fashion tips!

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