Ever since the Disney movie Frozen was shown in cinemas, you would probably have seen endless tweets and status updates asking about whether or not you wanted to build a snowman.Signs That You're Addicted to Frozen

Though I can’t say (yet) that I’m truly addicted to Frozen, I caught myself singing songs from the movie so many times.  *Can you smell denial in the air?*  I also discovered that my voice sounded better when the speakers were on full blast and it was drowned out by Demi Lovato’s.  I tried playing the karaoke version on Youtube and gahhh…I was just so glad that no one was home while I was having my Let It Go practice sessions.  As I get to go through the lyrics of Let it Go, I can’t help but think it’s probably time to dedicate it to a friend or two whom we’ve been waiting to come out in the open.  Sometimes, I just want to say, “It’s okay. We already know & we’ve accepted you.  So, whenever you’re ready, we’re just here!”

Finally, I’m not really planning to dress up as one of the princesses in the future.  However, this summer, I’m pretty sure that a lot of little girls at the ice skating rink would dance to songs from the movie or wear their own Princess Elsa or Princess Anna costumes.

So, how did you fare in the test?  Are you a Frozen addict? 🙂



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