Hello Googlykins! 🙂 How’s your weekend? We’ve gathered some of our crafter friends to help us out with this giveaway 🙂 The Happy Things Giveaway (Part 2)! ♥  We’re featuring the lovely crocheted works of LoveNikitaPH, the creative fashion illustrations and handmade cards of Bohemian Gulaman, and we’ve collaborated with Aya Dalumpines on some crisp & colorful handmade notebooks.

Blog Giveaway Cover with Aya Dalumpines, Bohemian Gulaman & Love Nikita

First off, the crocheted items that are up for grabs are the necklace, bracelet, crochet tools, peter pan collar and crocheted cupcake (which I really really wanted to have kept for myself. Lol.) These were all handmade by Nike Nadal of LoveNikitaPH.blogspot.com.   Nike was my mail swap partner and she sent me some of her crocheted works.  I’ve been super impressed by her workmanship & her taste in colors ❤ I also admire her patience with this craft.  I initially wanted to create a mini Tipsy & Ponggo plushie story with this giveaway.  I tried crocheting stuff and alas, I gave up.  I haven’t even done a lot and my fingers were already in pain (while my head hurt while trying to recall how I finally completed my crochet project back when I was in grade 6.)

Love Nikita (Split Screen, Macro on Cupcake)

I’m such a fan of peter pan collars.  You’ll find me wearing one here, here, here.  So, when Nike told me that she’ll be including these pretty collars on her list, I was excited! 🙂
Love Nikita (Peter Pan Collar)
Nike also wanted to share her love of crocheting so she included this yarn set ♥  How thoughtful!
LoveNikita Yarns

Next up is Aya Dalumpines. Aya & I met at a Washi Party & have been mailing each other stuff ever since. Once, Aya sent me a personalized handmade notebook. I’m just amazed as to how uniform the sheets on the notebooks are and how neat everything is. You see, all the papers I cut are unique–I will never be able to form a decent notebook. For this giveaway, I sent her some potential notebook covers.  Aside from notebooks, Aya also sells craft tools and materials.  She bakes yummy cookies too 🙂

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AyaDalumpines (All Notebooks)
I always wanted to create patterns and design surfaces so I’m just grateful that Aya agreed to do this collab with me 🙂

Aya & I discovered that we had the same taste in washi tape: plain & geometric ones.  And so, I thought that for the notebook covers, we should mostly go for geometric 😉  Aya even put a space behind each notebook for both of us to sign.  How sweet!

Aya Dalumpines (Stripes, Ampersand & Space for Signature)

If you’ve been reading the blog recently, you’ll find that I turned that colorful triangular pattern against black into one of them frames in my recent posts. I also turned it into a tiny summer bag in this post.

Aya Dalumpines (Geometric Notebooks)

Finally, we have some handmade cards & notebooks from Gela of  Bohemian Gulaman 🙂 I first stumbled upon Gela’s works at the 10a Alabama Arts & Crafts fair.  I bought some cards from her.  I can’t help but fall for the creatively overlapping fashion illustrations and the way she would effortlessly put her signature paint splatters allover her artworks.

Bohemian Gulaman (card sets)

Two sets of 4 cards are up for grabs as well as two sets of three packs of the Make a List series.  I can’t help but take a photo of all the papers from the side.  They’re a lovely bunch to stare at! ❤

Bohemian Gulaman Cards (colors from the side)

By the way, each “Make a List” notepad has a bunch of colorful papers in it.

Bohemian Gulaman (make a list collage)

The other cards come with inspiring quotes. One of my favorites is the one that says, “You are not a drop in the ocean.  You are the entire ocean in a drop. -Romi”

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