We’re grateful for the opportunity to spread our love for colors as we painted our third heart and this time for Ayala Malls Cloverleaf! I can clearly remember our first heart in Serendra. (Read about it here.) It was just seven weeks after I gave birth to Riley! I was cleared by the doctor and I felt that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity as this might be my only chance to paint a mural. I didn’t know it would somehow lead to another one, and another, and eventually to this ???.

A little backstory: I always chuckle before buying paint for Cloverleaf. While a good 80% of the clients are asking if I can make my colors less bright, they usually ask me to make the colors more vibrant ?. In my mind, I gladly say “My pleasure!”


“Ayala Malls Cloverleaf is your gateway to a blooming haven of fresh finds, new flavors and festive celebrations. Life is made up of both big & small things that matter, memories worth creating and celebrating. This artwork showcases these moments and how Ayala Malls provides a vehicle for such priceless occasions. Watch this space unfold as we create a visual celebration of relationships, time and memories through paint and color. xoxo, The Google Gooeys”


We spent most of the first day coating the heart, trying to see which colors/paint work best and how many coats it will take to get the desired hue that’s true to the approved design.

While we were waiting for the paint to dry, we managed to sneak in a mini food trip. As per Riley’s request, we went for some “ooodles” (noodles)! Of course, our little painter had a date with this colorful ball pit too.

We pretty much covered both sides of the heart after the second and third day. By this time, we’ve eaten ramen, tonkatsu, tacos, ice cream, soft shell crab, and n amounts of cake! I honestly lost count how many cakes we’ve eaten at this point. ?

Ayala Cloverleaf is located along A. Bonifacio and Edsa very near NLEX. It’s called as such as it is the top view of roads intertwined. I used to pass by this area for an entire decade on my way to school back when the toll fee was just one peso. My grade school self would have been excited to know that one day, I will get to paint on the walls of a mall to be constructed in the area.

On the fourth day, we continued painting (and eating), mostly cleaning up the mural, polishing the edges, and adding a few more details. We can already see the finish line! Woooh!

Thank you so much to the hubby for all our coating jobs and video footage while our hands were covered with paint. Thanks too to Anne Macachor and Mickey Verlarde for painting with us!

Here’s a full behind the scenes and process video showcasing all four days of the mural process! I hope you don’t catch me eating cake in one of the photos ?. Then again, it’s too late ?.

When everyone’s past the ‘peace’ sign and your ‘time first’ move ✌️✌️ just effortlessly reveals which generation you’re from. ?I know I mostly post photos of objects or artworks and my son too but this is me learning how to get comfy in front of the camera. ?

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