Googly Gooeys Types of Facebook Friends The Lurker - May not even update his or her Faceboook account, will rearely like or comment on an entry but is always in the know. The Flooder - probably lives in Facebook & is well on her way to coming up with the best documentation of her life. The Ranter - uses Facebook as a shout box for a ll the issues she has been going through. Thanks to the timeline, everyone's now updated with the drama. The Nosy Ones - Snoopy friends and relatives who always manage to come up with the most annoying unsolicited comments online and in real life. Filter and/or blockworthy. The Camwhore - a subtype of the flooder except for the fact that he floods your timeline with pictures of himself. Boo! Your True Friends - Probably one of the real reasons why you signed up for Facebook (aside from Farmville & the people you wanted to friends with).

Are these your types of Facebook friends?

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