Payphone Lyrics by Maroon 5 – Illustrated ;)

Googly Gooeys Payhpone by Maroon 5 illustrated by the Googly Gooeys I've wasted my nights you turned out the lights, now I'm paralyzed still stuck in that time when we called it love but even the sun sets in paradise. I'm at a payphone trying to call home all of my change I spent on you. Where have the times gone baby it's all wrong where are the plans we made for two? If happy ever after did exist, I will still be holding you like this. All the fariytales are full of it. One more stupid love song I'll be sick.

Payphone Lyrics by Maroon 5 Illustrated!

Payphone Lyrics by Maroon 5: I’ve always wanted to illustrate this already but I always managed skipped it on my checklist. Hehe.  These days though, when I hear the song on the radio, it’s like a nagging reminder that goes, “Hello! It’s been a month! Work on the Payphone post already!”

I’ve been listening to Maroon 5 since their Songs About Jane album.  I would always sing “She Will Be Loved” and I would always hope that it would rain on a Sunday morning just so that I could sing this song.  Their poetry is amazing (not to mention Adam’s voice)!  I really really want to be able to watch their concert here in the Philippines this coming September.

And oh, here’s the link to Stereo Hearts Illustrated by Maroon 5 & the Gym Class Heroes just in

case you missed it 😉

P.S. Here‘s my favorite Payphone cover so far. I just stumbled upon it while searching for the lyrics for this post 🙂 I tried singing it their way and I just found myself annoyed with my voice (with half-opened eyes and a smirk and all that). Haha.

P.P.S. We’ve been getting e-mails & requests for more lyrics but just in case you’ve missed some stuff we’ve done in the past, here are the links:
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