Birthdays: How People React & 10a Alabama Finds!

Googly Gooeys How People React to Their Birthdays "No one is allowed to greet me on my Facebook wall" "Oh yay! Birthdays! Hmm...What hsould I buy as a gift for myself?" "Oh! I'm going to need more of these anti-aging creams!" "Finally! I'm a legal" "Can't wait for my birthday leave! Freeedoooom!" "This will be the last time that I'll be called a twenty-something" "Birthdays? A perfect excuse to eat cakes!" "I used to receive gifts on my birthday & now I have to spend for everyone!"

We usually get a lot of requests from people asking us to greet them a Happy birthday via the Googly Gooeys.

Facebook Message by Farah Jamil from Pakistan

Recently, we received a message via Facebook asking us if we ever posted something about birthdays because she’d like to share it on her birthday on the 24th.  Well, we never did except when the Googly Gooeys turned 3 and when it was Ponggo’s birthday.  So, here’s a birthday post dedicated to Farah from Pakistan and happy birthday to everyone else who are celebrating their birthdays too!

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In other news:

That was fast! It’s been a year since we got married! Happy anniversary Ponggo! ❤

Googly Gooeys Meanwhile Section (Tipsy)





Last weekend, we dropped by 10a Alabama—a vintage furniture store on regular days which hold arts & crafts fairs from time to time.   I only had limited time to go around the area but I still ended up buying things here & there.  I swear, there is no straight line from the point where I said, “Bye! We have to go!” to the exit because I kept on seeing interesting pieces left & right.  If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you might have already seen the latest stuff in my stash! 🙂

Watercolor Fashion Cards by Bohemian Gulaman

Fashion Illustrations & a Splatters of Watercolor on these pretty, pretty Bohemian Gulaman cards 🙂

Vintage Tags by Artefact

Manila Hangtags with Vintage Cloth (from the 50’s!!!) by Artefact

More after the jump! 🙂

HeyKessy Cute Paper Straws

Cute straws from Hey Kessy

Heykessy Washi TapesHeyKessy Washi Tapes! Speaking of, have you signed up for the Hey Kessy Washi Party?

Handmade Stickers by Andrea

Handmade Stickers by Andrea Nicola!

tansan necklaces by POP

Bottlecap Necklaces & Pins by Pop! (Pins by Pop is such a tongue twister it makes me want to say it 10 times! Ha!)

Well, I’m just happy to go back to my trigger-happy self again.  Hope I could share more behind-the-scenes pictures (and unsolicited weekend diaries with you in the future! 🙂

Tipsy ❤

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