James Bond: What Not To Say After Watching The Movie

Googly Gooeys What Not to Say After Watching James Bond "Hello! I'm Bond. Bond paper." "Was that even a joke?" "Don't you get it? Bond paper! Hahaha!" "What reaction were you expecting from me again?" "Oh! Right! I'm supposed to laugh!" "May I just laugh later? I'm still busy with something..."

We watched the latest James Bond Film “Skyfall” earlier this week and while watching, Ponggo & I tried identifying the classic James Bond props, characters, lines & scenes throughout the movie.   When Daniel Craig introduced himself, “I’m Bond. James Bond”, I just can’t help but think, “Hello, I’m bond. Bond paper”.  More “bond” words flooded my mind like: government bonds, Mighty Bond (a brand of super glue), covalent bond, vagabond :p  This is the cartoon where I shoot down my own joke…letting Ponggo the character deliver the joke / non-joke of course 😉



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