Art Material Addict Pen Hoarder

One day, Ponggo was looking for a pen he could borrow.  That day, I was working on the workshop poster and I had bowls and bowls of pens & brushes in front of me.  He tried going through the pile without asking me first. Then, he picked up what looked like a pen with a cap which was actually a brush pen.  After that, he had to check watercolor brushes and what looked like ballpens which were actually brush pens.  Out of frustration, he finally asked, “Don’t we have a NORMAL pen in this house?” I realized that we didn’t. The closest to a normal pen that I have is a 0.8 sign pen which is actually the one I use for lettering.  🙂

So much for marrying an art material addict.



P.S. Check back again soon.  I’ll be updating this post with some photos from Florence.


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