Googly Gooeys Instagram & Hashtags : Graph of Number of Instagram Hashtags vs. Attention Wanted

Instagram Hashtags

Instagram hashtags is subject to abuse these days.  Well, for one, I was guilty of going on a hashtagging spree each time I posted on Instagram until our friend Paolo (a.k.a. @lbosquejo) pointed out over lunch at how his Instagram experience seems to get disrupted by paragraph long hashtags.  After that, I made sure I tried limiting my hashtags. Haha. So, yes, that’s why this post is dedicated to him! 😉

Well, there really is no written rule as to how many hashtags one should put under his / her Instagram photo but this is just another whipped cream to the ice cream (or cherry on top of the whipped cream, or the sprinkles to the chocolate dipped doughnut, or the tiny oreo on top of the oreo cupcake) of how the me generation is getting more self-centered.

Speaking of self-promotion, I’m “googlygooeys” on Instagram while Ponggo is “ponggo_googlygooeys” 😀



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11 years ago

I agree! Instagram is no longer about sharing simple and special moments in your life; it’s about self-promotion and getting more likes and followers. In this era, Quantity > Qualityl