Good Things About Summer

I’m creating this blog post as we’re on our way from Paoay, Laoag, Ilocos Norte to Pagudpud. (Well, now, I’m uploading it as we’re on our way to Vigan from Pagudpud) 🙂 It’s a really hot afternoon.  Well, actualy, everywhere in the Philippines, it’s really really hot!

For the past couple of months, Ponggo & I can’t even stand staying in our house since two out of the four corners are made mostly of glass that receives direct sunlight.  Ponggo has succulents & they’re definitely basking in the sun while we’re dying of heat.  The only thing that’s keeping me sane right now are: (a) our trusty ol’ Chevy Spark that’s compact enough to get the ac functioning smoothly & (b) the big cup of Slurpee that I bought just a few minutes ago.  Oh, did I just say we also had fruit shakes for lunch & we’ve been making sure we’re always hydrated with water the whole day? Haha. Then again, it can’t be all that bad.  Here are some good things about summer:

Good Things About the Summer

  1. You can drink all the ice-blended drinks you want without getting judged. – I just really had to postpone my diet for the summer. (Isn’t it ironic?) I mean, I just realized I’ll be staying in the city & I needed to infuse my bloodstream with something cold!
  2. Your sun-loving plants are most alive – I’ve heard from friends that their cacti & succulents would die and that they have to replace it from time to time.  Well, folks, now is the time to put your plants by your window!
  3. Whatever you wash dries easily–be it underwear, gym clothes or socks, this part gets easier during this season!
  4. Enjoy the sun! – I’m not really a water girl.  I just said that to Ponggo this morning.  While almost everyone would go beach hopping, I’d just sit there & admire the view and not swim at all.  But today was different. I was planning to work on some things but I ended up finding myself dipping in the beach! I just can’t stand the heat! But yes, don’t forget to bring your sunblock…Now, the other side of my body is darker & redder than the one that didn’t get exposed from the sun! Ha!
Anyway, this absurd heat won’t be here for long so enjoy it while it lasts! 🙂

With Sunburnt shoulders & rosy cheeks,


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