Who Shops More: Breaking News About Ponggo’s Shopping Habits ;)

Once, we were preparing for a big party and I wanted to buy myself a new dress.  Ponggo asked, “Do you really really really need a new dress?” with an annoyed look.  I was initially thinking about buying a dress, a pair of shoes as well as a pretty belt to go with it.  We went to the mall and he was so irritated by the fact that it was a sale weekend and the place was jam packed.  We went home and guess what?  I was able to buy nothing but a simple salmon pink dress.   On the other hand, he went home with a new quirky suit coat, checkered long sleeves & two neck ties!  Now, who shops more, huh?

Who Shops More? Guys or Girls?

Remember when I told you Ponggo was coming up with his own wish list too? 🙂 I’m a fan of vintage stuff but more of the vintage style of photography & the simple, quirky lifestyle that comes with it.  Slowly but surely, I didn’t notice that Ponggo was getting this vintage fever too & he’s taking bigger strides.   Last December, he bought this vintage analog camera.  Since last summer, he’s also been eyeing the Crosley Vinyl Player.

Finally, he was ready to buy it & we checked out the store.  He went home broken-hearted because apparently, the player he likes is not in stock. 🙁  So, he tinkered with his laptop & checked out Crosley online and whoa it was just half the price versus the one they have in the malls as well as the vinyl records!  Here’s his list—a compromise between our music tastes.  Hehehe 😉

Shopping List Crosley Adele 21 Vinyl Norah Jones Lily Allen

Thanks to GCash Amex Virtual Pay the items are well on their way!  *Woohoo!*  While most of us are afraid to use credit cards online, GCash Amex Virtual Pay lets you transfer funds from your ATM to your Gcash account.  That way, you’re able to manage how much you plan to spend.  Also, if you feel like your account is compromised, you can always change your pin!  That will totally change our shopping habits!

GCash Amex Virtual Pay is linked up to My Shopping Box which means you get a U.S. address.  Some retailers require U.S. issued credit cards.  So, this means that with Gcash Amex Virtual Pay, you have access to more online shops, more affordable & rare items abroad!  It also means you don’t have to worry about being taxed once the items arrive.  😉

So, what did I buy?  I’m pretty sure by now that this bag is so familiar to you!  For the past couple of months, this pink & orange Kate Spade Saturday pouch has made its cameo in practically every other comic.  I’ve been wanting to buy this for a loooooong time so I was happy when it finally arrived.  I always bring random things around because I’m afraid of getting bored so I need this pouch (Take note: need AND want 😉 ).

Kate Spade Saturday Pouch

Now I can finally carry it around the way Tipsy does in all the entries!   On certain days, I actually daydream about letting all the Googly props come to life by creating them or buying them all online!  If you want a step-by-step walkthrough of the whole process and an idea of where you can get more fun & colorful stuff, check out this previous post.

Kate Spade Saturday Pink & Orange Pouch

Anyway, what are you waiting for? Get started & buy that item that you’ve been eyeing for so many months now!

Gcash Amex Virtual Pay Shopping Tips

We decided that since we’re learning a lot from this whole online shopping process, it’s just right to share them with you guys.  Here are some shopping tips:

1. Plan your purchases.  You will be able to save a lot if you opt to have your items shipped via sea.

Via Air – Shipping Time = 10 Working Days, $5.99 per pound for non-electronic items & $8.50 per pound for electronic items.

Via Sea – Shipping Time = 40-50 Working Days, $2.99 per pound

2. Luxury brands love their products so much & they want it to reach you in a very pristine state (with lots free tissue just in case you want to breathe U.S. quality air) 😉  So, make sure that (a) you’ve budgeted enough for shipping because My Shopping Box charges per pound or by volume—whichever is higher or (b) you may send the items to a friend or relative so that they can repack it before sending to My Shopping Box.

Happy shopping! ❤

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10 years ago

I think someone used your icons without permission (or at least without credits) for an infographic: http://visual.ly/internet-kecepatan-tinggi

10 years ago

Aaaaah I know someone who would love this article. *wink wink*

10 years ago

Hello guys!Loved your new entry!

10 years ago

Hahaha I know that story! Ponggo’s the shoppaholic pala eh. Heehee. Finally, your Saturday pouch is here! 🙂

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