The Dark Knight Rises: Bane & Darth Vader

The Googly Gooeys on the Dark Knight Rises: Bane & Darth Vader "Dad, is that you?" "?"

The Dark Knight Rises: Bane & Darth Vader

We watched the Dark Knight Rises at 10:50am with our friends yesterday.  Yes, we were that desperate to get seats we woke up really early and went malling on a weekend.  It was funny that the stores beside the movie house were not yet open & we were forced to search for breakfast places in the fear of getting hungry during the movie.  Haha.  Well, if there’s one thing that Bane definitely reminds me of, that’s Darth Vader just because of his breathing device.  With so many superhero movies during the past five years, it’s so easy to associate one character to the other.

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11 years ago

These guys deserve to be plushiefied as well, I believe. 🙂

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