Sweet to Sour & Edgardo Lantin’s Exhibit at the Ayala Museum

Try reading the title again when you’re done reading the comics! 🙂

The Googly Gooeys "Aww...How Sweet!" "Aww...How sweet! Thanks for the box of chocolates!" "What? I can't hear you?" "I said thank you for the box of chocolates! You're sweet!" "Huh? I can only hear garble." "Ugh. Thank you for the chocolates" "Umm...The line's really choppy" "I sad, I like the chocolates but you didn't have to to make me FATter!!" "Oh! I thought you'd love them so I bought some for you." "I hate you for ruining my diet." "Hello? Hellooo??"

This is how I am each time I’m talking to someone on the phone & (a) I’m at a dead spot or (b) when the lovely lovely (*sarcastic*) cellphone network is acting up.  I would start the conversation with a good mood then end up not knowing whom I’m actually angry at.  In a matter of seconds, the conversation evolves from sweet to sour (if not ugly or bitter ;P)!  Well, try telling someone something sincere and try saying it 10 times while walking towards them while they reply, “I can’t hear you?”


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Woops. Judging by how many comics we have about technology, you can tell how dependent we’ve become. Yikes! O_o

Meanwhile Section for Edgardo Lantin's Portraying Luminiscence at the Ayala Museum





I’ve always admired artists devote themselves to art full-time and those who can do realistic drawings.  If you look at the Googly Gooey cartoons closely, you’ll see a shadow here and there and sometimes, they don’t necessarily come from one direction or they’re not consistent in general and gahhhh….yes, I’m still working on that.  Haha.  But if you’d like to see the work of an expert,  come visit the Ayala Museum from the 18th of January until the 30th and get a glimpse of the work of Canada-based Filipino portrait artist Edgardo Lantin.

This Friday, we will be at the Artist Space, Ayala Museum to celebrate his works which is in essence a depiction of light through painting–thus the exhibit title Portraying Luminiscence.  The way he captures the details as well as the personality of the subject is just remarkable.  Below, are two of my favorites from his works 🙂

Dr. James A. McEwen by Edgardo Lantin

Dr. James McEwen

I’m simply amused by the subtle humor in this piece. 😉

Vegetable Vendor by Edgardo Lantin

“Vegetable Vendor”

This was from a market scene very early in the morning.  If you’re a photographer, you know how difficult it is to capture a scene when your subject is backlit.  How much more when you’re painting??

To those who’d like themselves to be immortalized in a painting, you may get in touch with Ed Lantin through this page 🙂

Meanwhile, see you guys this Friday at the Ayala Museum 🙂 Artist Space at the is near Tous Les Jourin Greenbelt 5, the exhibit opens at 6pm 🙂

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