His & Her Mess Plus Paper Club’s Craft & Be Merry

I was staring at this comic for a while & thinking, “Gahhh! What a stereotypical cartoon about girls & boys.} The character Tipsy is busy with arts & crafts while Ponggo is busy with his handyman stuff. Then again, I just realized I can’t call our situation purely typical because to start with, I can’t cook. I’m practically Ms. Microwave. Well, I can now cook some stuff–some basic stuff that will help me survive (like a college kid). 🙂

funny comic about arts & crafts plus handyman and geeky stuff

During the last few days, I spent time making a paper flower or two each day & I ended up occupying our sofa as well as our center table. I’m just lucky that the hubby Ponggo is patient enough not to take notice of the mess because he finally understands I’m having fun. Then again, on certain days, when his helicopter toys & handyman tools are allover the place & it makes me stressed because I was hoping to work in a neat area wherein the only mess is mine 😀 Hihi.

Anyway, hopefully, someday we can move to a bigger space or we can at least learn to fix our stuff. Orrrrrr, worst case is that we end up finally getting used to our messy life. 😛

Meanwhile Heima Craft & Be Merry Event

Speaking of arts & crafts, this weekend, I will be a part of Heima Craft & Be Merry, a Paper Club event! I’ll be doing a paper flower making demo & of course, you’re all welcome to join in!

It won’t just be a paper flower making event. There are actually lots of arts & crafts things that I’m excited to see as well! 🙂

Poster Craft-and-be-Merry_blog
For those of you who have already seen our announcements on Instagram, thank you and see you on Saturday! To those who just saw it here, here are the details of the event:
Event: Craft and Be Merry!
Date: April 12, 2013
Time: 1PM-7PM
Venue: Heima Brixton in Kapitolyo, Pasig
Program: Liva art demonstrations.
  • 10AM – 6PM : Mural Painting by Gigi from Heima
  • 1PM – 3PM : Paper Diorama by Foldyard & Co.
  • 1PM – 3PM : MT Casa Decoration by Ge Mapa
  • 3PM – 5PM : Paper Cutting by Pergy Acuña
  • 3PM – 5PM : Paper Flower Making by Tippy Go from Googly Gooeys
  • 3PM – 6PM : Live acoustic music

No registration fee for this one but to RSVP, you need to send your full name & contact details to hello@heimastore.com 🙂

Yup, we’ll be making watercolored flowers & washi taped ones too! 🙂 *Yes, I always tend to manage washi tape in every project. Hihihi*

Anyway, see you this weekend! 🙂


Tipsy ❤

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