Katipunan Art Festival in Photos

Update as of Sept 2017:

I will be giving a talk at the Katipunan Art Fest this year! 🙂 More details here.
Meanwhile, here’s a peek at what happened in 2015’s KAF!

I just got home from the Katipunan Art Festival but I can’t wait to post the photos on the blog already before I go to sleep!

Ballerina Watercolor Demo IMG_7473
Originally Posted on Instagram; Dress by Gorman Clothing

To be honest, I was a bit nervous while preparing for my watercolor demo slot.  I don’t know how I’m supposed to fit something I do for a bunch of hours into just 1 hour…in front of people. 😀 *Beads of sweat falling down from my temples* So, I pretty much planned what I was supposed to do since I didn’t have the time to think about colors & lay-outs during the actual event. Hehe.

Behind Illustrations Dan Matutina

But, I’m happy I was able to take my mind off the demo as we first attended the Plus 63 HQ tour! 🙂

Above: One of the prizes that Dan Matutina raffled off after his talk at Plus 63! 🙂

Plus 63 Studio Tour Dan Matutina

Dan Matutina & his team was generous enough to share with us their projects and a peek at their typical day in the studio.

Monaco Poster by Dan Matutina

There was also a mini giveaway at the end!  These posters are ❤!  Dan’s personal style is usually characterized by geometric figures, excellent lay-out and well-thought of shadow placements.  It makes me want to laugh when look at my work because I tend to occupy each tiny corner. Hehe.

Dan Matutina

I’ve been a fan of Dan Matutina for so many years now.  It took me a while to muster the courage to talk to him.  I attended one of his exhibits a couple of years ago and ended up smiling like a true fangirl.  I asked the hubby to do all the talking. 😀

Hello Plus 63 HQ

Above: The quirky and friendly entrance to the Plus 63 HQ! 🙂

Abbey Sy Dan Matutina Tippy Go June Digan

Group photo with Abbey Sy, Dan Matutina, yours truly & June Digan! 🙂

London Poster by Dan MatutinaWaahh! Kanel won Dan’s London Formula E poster!


Plus 63 Studio Books & DetailsAbove: Some details from the studio–reference books & that uber cute wooden sheep holder of their family tree! 😀

Watercolor Demo Photo by Drian OlivaresAfter the studio tour, we all headed to Ninyo Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge for the demo!  I was so caught up in the moment I wasn’t able to document much of that part of the day.  Thanks to @drian_olivares for this photo! 🙂 (Yes, I draw and write sideways.  I am also left-handed).  I’m so happy to have done the demo with June & Abbey.  We were just in La Union a little over a month ago where we had a mini watercolor playdate.  We didn’t know it was sort of our practice session for this event as yesterday, we were already familiar with each other’s preferences in terms of paint brands, palettes, coloring styles et cetera. 🙂

Watercolor Demo Output
Thank you so much to everyone who came to the demo!  🙂 Here are the outputs before we gave them away.  I gave mine to someone whose name started with an R who was born in December as I’m expecting to finally meet our little bundle of joy by the end of the year. 😀 I’m hoping his dad approves of the name I want to give him! 😀

Katipunan Art Festival Live Demo Mansy Abesamis Abbey Sy Macy Alcaraz

Clockwise: Two of my faves, Mansy, one of the organizers of the Katipunan Art Festival & Abbey Sy,  the editor and proponent ABC’s of Hand Lettering + Candy Magazine Online editor Macy Alcaraz & Abbey, Live demo area signage!

Katipunan Art Festival Brush Lettering Carl Chua

Above is the lettering work of Carl Chua.  After us, it was the turn of the BCDS to do their demo! 🙂  BCDS is compirsed of: Jelvin Base, Carl Chua, John Ed De Vera & Rico Sta. Cruz

BCDS Mansy Abesamis

Above: Jelvin, Carl, Mansy, Rico & John Ed! 🙂 So happy to see these guys again.  I volunteered to do some documentation duties for the day but the whole thing just made me realize how much I missed holding a camera and actually taking photos of practically everything instead of my usual styled or flatlay entries on Instagram.

Abbey Sy June Digan Rico Sta. Cruz Carl Chua Alessa Lanot Jelvin Base Geli Balcruz Kanel Adriano Kitty Jardenil Mansy Abesamis John Ed de Vera

I’m so happy everyone was game for an impromptu portrait sesh! (Abbey said I should write “sesh” instead of “session”.  Ooh. I feel so young already. Hahahaha.)

First Row (L-R): Abbey Sy, June Digan, Rico Sta. Cruz, Carl Chua
Second Row (L-R): Alessa Lanot, Jelvin Base, Geli Balcruz, Kanel Adriano
Third Row: Kitty Jardenil, Mansy Abesamis & John Ed de Vera

Thank you guys for indulging me and letting me enjoy my photographer doooooties! 🙂

Katipunan Art FestivalSo amused at at Katipunan Art Festival’s branding–how they’re made up of all these tiny mathematical symbols and lines plus the straightforward color scheme. (Thank you Macy for being my hand model.  Hehe.)

Lettering Progress Keeper Abbey Sy

So, Abbey launched her Lettering Progress Keeper in partnership with Ifex.  These will be available at National Bookstore by November! 🙂

After the demo, we went around and checked out the booths.

Craft Manila Stay Weird

Rubbercut prints from Stay Weird by Tweed & Twine. 🙂 

Raine Sarmiento WatercolorWatercolor Works by Raine Sarmiento

Arlene Barbaza Vintage Collage

Vintage Collages by Arlene Barbaza (Ponggo’s teacher from grade school. Hehehe.)

Tiny Drawings

Dainty Paintings by HappiWasabiiiKatipunan Art Festival Group PhotoObligatory group photooooooo! :) Wow!  What a day.  I initially planned on going home right after the demo but I didn’t notice the time anymore.  When we got out of the venue, the sun was already setting.  Whew!

Congratulations to the Katipunan Art Festival team for pulling off such a gargantuan task of organizing multiple venues and events!  Thanks again for this refreshing & inspiring day of meeting old and new friends + kindred souls!

Be sure to check out the following pages for more updates:
Katipunan Art Festival on Instagram
Katipunan Art Festival on Facebook 


Tipsy ❤

P.S. Thanks to Abbey, my ever efficient live spell-checker, editor & link database while finishing this post! Haha. 😀

Plus 63 Design Co.
Website: http://plus63.com/
Twitter: @Plus63
Instagram: @Plus63DesignCo
Facebook: Plus63DesignCo

Dan Matutina’s Website: TwistedFork.Me
Twitter: @DanMatutina
Instagram: @TwistedFork

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8 years ago

Oh gosh, all these creative people in one place! Had I known earlier, I would have freed my day for this but alas I had an errand to do. Tsk. Oh well, I’m sure I’d fangirl at the place like I always do when I meet the people I stalk… errr idolize. Haha! How’s little pea doing Tippy?

Abbey Sy
Abbey Sy
8 years ago

Wooohoo! So much fun helping you out on writing this post! Thanks for sharing the photos too 🙂 Yay!! 🙂

8 years ago

Hope there’ll be another Katipunan Art Fest next year! <3 I was there and I really had fun. 🙂 PLUS, the weather was on our side, it didn't rain! Yay!

Cym Marzan
8 years ago

So much beautiful art!

April San Pedro
April San Pedro
8 years ago

Looks so fun!

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