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I know I’ve said this before but I noticed that a majority of the people I know from the blogging / social media world are actually introverts.  Well, they may appear as extroverts during events and gatherings but I would usually catch them in their downtime wearing a do not disturb me face. 🙂 Hehehe.

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This is probably why after six years and counting, I still find myself blogging & churning out comics online where I feel I can freely share my thoughts in front of my laptop & phone.  🙂  Thanks to the internet, introverts can now bond over common topics.  Kindred souls from around the world can finally interact with each other.  Haha. I mean, how many of your friends did you find through the web?  I always thought that the idea was weird.  Then again, some of my good friends are people whom I’ve met online!  Hahaha.


Speaking of being an introvert, I don’t think I would have been able to do a live show and tell of all my works.  Sure, you’d probably find me diligently Tweeting, Instagramming and updating our Facebook page but I wouldn’t probably be able to do a full blown show & tell about the stuff that I do if you meet me in real life unless you really ask me or unless I’m invited to do a talk. 🙂 Haha.

So, thank you to these guys for featuring our work! 🙂  It actually seems bizarre.  It feels like a good dream or a good joke–and I found myself laughing when I found out about it:

  1. – 10 Inspiring Illustrators You Should Know Now Googly Gooeys
  2. When In Manila – 14 Artsy People on Instagram Who Inspire Us on a Daily Basis
  3. Cebu Pacific Smile Magazine – Dynamic duo
    I actually wanted to post this with a full-length feature of backlog travel posts but I might take forever. Haha.
    Googly Gooeys Travel
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8 years ago

This speaks to me on so many levels Tippy! I am a full blown introvert myself and during my very first blogging event, I actually kept in mind a tip you told me once. It worked and you’re right, most of the bloggers I know are introverts themselves! 🙂 I also found meeting friends online a weird thing before but when I indulged in blogging, I met so many friends and we even plan on actual meetups and dates.

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