How We Feel About the Rain + MT Spaces

The rain has been unstoppable these days.  Every week I try to do a quick gesture on my phone, I always hope that the drawings on the topmost layer of my updates will change into suns & clouds but no, they’re all lightning, rain & grey skies!  Recently, I’ve been having an on & off flu.  With the grueling working hours and ugly weather, my body can’t seem to recover.  (Did that just rhyme? Did I just blame something I shouldn’t have?) 😛   Anyway, here’s how we feel about the rain:

How We Feel About the Rain

Apparently, rain is capable of eliciting emotions ranging from panic, fear & anger to joy and elation–just like love!  Well, whatever you’re mood you’re in right now because of this torturous & threatening or lovely cool weather, I hope you’re in somewhere safe & warm!


Tipsy ❤

Updates about MSN Sweden, Our Awesome Planet & Heima MT Spaces Exhibit

So much stuff has been happening lately and we couldn’t be any more grateful!  Sometimes, it’s so surreal that we feel that we’re watching someone else’s lives instead of ours.  Anyway, thank you for being with us throughout all these years because this won’t be possible without you guys.  Did we just sound like we won an award? Haha. Apprently we didn’t but that’s how we actually feel:

1. 5 Signs That You’re a Foodie, our guest post on Our Awesome Planet – It’s hard not to miss Anton Diaz’s blog. Google any restaurant in the Philippines and chances are, the search engine will show you his blog.  He has paved the way for food blogging & he’s also one of the co-founders of Mercato Centrale, the group responsible for making you stay in Bonifacio Global City with your friends, bonding all night & discovering new food!  Thanks again Anton for generously lending a spot on your blog.  Don’t forget to check out our post here.

2. MSN Sweden – So we thought the craze about the cronut recipe on this blog has stopped.  Apparently, it has reached Scandinavia! Thank you MSN Sweden for mentioning us on your Så gör du en cronut article. 🙂

3. MT Spaces at Heima – Calling all the washi tape addicts & the washi curious, we’re excited to see you guys this coming Friday! Playing with giant washi tapes is a washi addict’s dream & aside from the MT Casa exhibit, there will be a space for visitors to do some arts & crafts!  Check out how you can washify your home this Friday, 27th of September at Heima Brixton, in Pasig!  Drop by & say hi!  Exhibit starts at 5pm & music starts at 8pm.  🙂

MT Spaces at Heima Brixton

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