How to Become a Hoarder

Googly Gooeys How to Become a Hoarder 1) Buy the stuff you like "Omg! So much pretty stuff! I want to buy everything!" 2) Buy the stuff you need 3) Replenish...Replenish... "Why stop yourself from buying when it makes you happy?" 4) Go panic buying "I never want to run out of pretty paper! What would life be without it?" 5) Discover the real state of your stock pile "Oops..I didn't know I had this much stuff already!" "I heard that before.."

Ponggo & I met up with Ria Macasaet last night & we were talking about how we were both caught in a blogging slump and that the challenge was to blog ASAP!   Ria & the Googly Gooeys (Why am I referring to myself in the third person??) collaborated on two entries last year.  If you’ve missed it, you can click here and here. 😀

Well, it really feels miserable when you’re stuck in a rut and you don’t know why your brain feels fried, frozen, gooey, scattered and stubborn all at the same time.  Ria told me that she’s afraid that if she doesn’t blog any sooner, the urge to blog will eventually go away.  I could so relate to that!   I actually feel the same thing about exercising.  Last year, when I got injured, I had to refrain from doing the usual exercise that I did.  Well, there was still a bit of craving for skating, hiking, walking until one day, the urge to be fit finally died and voila, I’m fluffier an more huggable than evahhhh!

Anyway, I’m just glad to have reconnected with someone who actually feels the same thing!  I never would have sorted this out by myself!  So thank you Ria & thank you too for this hoarding entry you sent 🙂

I just realized that no matter how hard I deny it, I do have hoarding tendencies.  Last week, Mansy caught me buying 5 pads of watercolor paper.  Well, I just had to because it seems that the store always runs out of it!  Then, a few days ago, I found myself buying a mason jar from a thrift store.  Well, I didn’t really need that mason jar and I already have a few bottles at home which I’ve been saving for I don’t know what personal project I might have in the future.   Gahhh…Hoarder! Right there! Bam!

So, here it is, I’m sharing with you the 5 steps to become a hoarder orrrrrr the five steps you should avoid to stop yourself from buying too much and owning stuff you don’t need 😉  Hope I’m not the only one guilty! *Eep!*


Tipsy ❤

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11 years ago

Guilty! Realized lately that I have a lot of arts & crafts stuff I don’t know where to put them anymore! *frustrated* I need a huge room to organize them all in one place. LOL

The Book Eater
11 years ago

I did this in highschool, when we were frequently required to submit scrapbooks. I had so much fun buying materials. At the time I thought, “I’m gonna need this in college too!” …I’m in my senior year in college and everything’s still here. -_-

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