Why I’ll Never Be a Food Blogger + Laduree,Din Tai Fung & Tonkichi Tonkatsu

Since Ponggo & I have been sharing pictures from events & travels lately, we were thinking, we should probably expand it to sharing our gastronomical escapades. So we tried.  However, 70% of the time, we were busy eating—sometimes even to the point of not talking—just plain hungry after hours and hours of walking, exploring & commuting.
Googly Gooeys Why I'll Never Be a Food Blogger "Ahhh! Food! Let me take a picture of it!" "Let me have the first bite & I'll take the picture from another angle!" "Ish weally nomnomnomnomnom gewd! You musht try it!" "Oops! I just ate my subject!"


I initially wanted to come up with a section entitled, “Dessert Places in Hong Kong” but even before I could take a picture of my macarons, voila!  They have disappeared!  I must have gone into auto-pilot and shoved them into my mouth while walking even before my brain reminded me that I should be documenting things as initially planned.

Years ago, I met this show dog who can actually balance a kibble of dog food above his nose and he only ate it when his master told him too!  “Ahh…What an excellent skill”, I would recall while watching Ponggo’s dog Muffy chow down his tray of Cesar in under 10 seconds looking like an abused stray dog who never ate in years when in fact his last meal was a just a couple of hours ago!

Anyway, going back to being a food blogger, you know what they say about dogs & their human counterparts?  Yup.  Just like Muffy, our senses get excited when we see food.  It was a struggle to choose photos from some our CF cards because most of them were shot in the I’m-not-yet-happy-with-this-picture-but-who-cares-I’m-hungry mode but here are some stuff we think you shouldn’t miss:

01 Laduree

Laduree Macarons (Harbour City Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong) – I don’t actually know if this still needs some introduction.  It’s a well-loved macaron brand from Paris that around a year ago, when its building caught fire, it even trended on Twitter worldwide!  Now it has branches in Hong Kong & Singapore.  Unlike most of the macarons you see elsewhere, this has the yummy as it looks like! *This is giving all other pretentious macarons an evil stare!*

Din Tai Fung, Tsim Sha Tsui

 Din Tai Fung’s Xiao Long Bao  (Shop 130, 3/F, Silvercord, 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui) – Ponggo would always tease me about the fact that most of my life, the only side I see of Hong Kong is its touristy area (i.e. Tsim Sha Tsui).  He would always talk about this good Xiao Long Bao place and that when we return to Hong Kong one day, he’ll bring me there!  Well, guess what? Din Tai Fung apparently has a branch in….touristy TST!  Haha.

Tonkichi Tonkatsu, Causeway BayTonkichi Tonkatsu Seafood (280 Gloucester Rd  Causeway Bay, Hong Kong) – So I thought my favorite local Tonkatsu couldn’t get any better…until I tried this! And, spoken like a true blob, here’s a not-so-friendly friendly advice: don’t miss out on the fats! They’re the ones that make your tonkatsu tasty.   Don’t worry.  You may rely on endless walking (think 5-7 hours daily) for the much-needed calorie burning activity.  No. Please don’t let your cardiologist read this someday.

Well, hope you enjoyed this brief attempt at food blogging!  😉 Please let us know when you’ve tried any of the above recommended dishes. We would love to know what you think about them (and I’m totally starting to sound like a suggestion box).

P.S. It’s not over until it’s ovahhhhh! So, please don’t forget to VOTE the Googly Gooeys for Instagram Phenom of the Year 😉 Voting is until June 30 & yes, you may vote every hour! 🙂

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11 years ago

Wow, I didn’t know there’s Laduree in Harbour City! I got to try Din Tai Fung’s xiao long bao, and I was sent straight to dimsum heaven. Heehee! Are you familiar with Tim Ho Wan? They have the yummiest hopia-looking siopao, I swear! It’s a must-eat in HK!

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