Deadly Deadlines: Why Deadlines are Like Ghosts

Once, someone told me I used the word “unsolicited” so much on this blog: unsolicited advice, unsolicited comments & unsolicited opinions.  I just googled “Googly Gooeys” & “unsolicited” and apparently, I have talked about this abuse of the word a couple of times. *Oops*  Recently though, I noticed that I’ve been overusing the word “deadline”.  I always try to create a comic about our lives but the only thing surrounding me now are deadlines!  Googly Gooeys Deadly Deadlines (reduced)

All I can say is, deadlines are like ghosts–they tend to haunt you.  They also make you paranoid!  They may visit you in your sleep.  Some even tend to stare at you in the face or breathe behind your neck while you’re catching your breath & looking at the time!  Some deadlines don’t stop at being ghosts–they’re Dementors–they threaten to suck all the happiness out of you!

However, what is life without deadlines?  I don’t even think the human race will ever be productive if we’re not bound by time.  *This is me being philosophical about my workload* 😛  Without time frames, what will ever happen to a nation’s GNP, GDP?  How about JIT, profitability, efficiency, overhead costs & system optimization? *Where did those come from?*  But of course, not all deadlines are like this: once in a while, a happy task appears and you’re more than willing to finish it waaaay before the deadline! 😉


Tipsy ❤

P.S. Isn’t it ironic that while I’m working on this post, I’m incidentally listening to Stars’ “Dead Hearts”?  ♩♪♫♬

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P.P.P.S. Wait, what did you say?  You’re also chasing a deadline?  Then why are you on this site!? Go back to work!

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