Gravitational Pull & a Coachella Wedding

While deadlines make me jump out of my bed (and make me dream about them sometimes), the hubby Ponggo always gets his complete eight hour sleep.  At certain times, he sleeps looooooong enough I actually caught myself checking his pulse a number of times just to make sure he’s still alive.

A few days ago, he exceptionally outed all his lengthy trips to dreamland and he woke up past lunch time!  Here’s why:

Googly Gooeys Oh Gravity: of Mondays, Deadlines & Bed Weather

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Coachella Wedding Watercolor Invite

If you’ve had a peak at my Instagram account, from time to time, you’ll see me posting invite lay-outs that I do for weddings and birthdays.   What keeps me going is that I really enjoyed the designing aspect during our wedding & our friends’ weddings. Designing invites is like an opportunity for me to experience different wedding themes without actually getting married again.  Haha.  For this batch, Karen asked for a seemingly tea stained, ombre, Coachella wedding.  Yes, Karen & Aidz will be asking their guests to attend in their best Coachella outfit–I can’t wait to see the pictures!

Colorful Wedding Invite Suite for Karen Sangalang & Aidz Ayala

While most weddings are uber formal, theirs will be a very relaxing one at a cozy resort in the South.

Colorful Watercolor Coachella Wedding Invite

I just normally get my invite briefs via e-mail and my brides & I would just work through e-mail exchanges but for this one, while sorting out the pegs, I felt the need to bring out my stash of brush & watercolor.  I actually did all the watercolor elements during the meeting. 🙂

Colorful Watercolor Coachella Wedding

What’s nice about her is she’s very encouraging and she’s inspiring to work with.  As I always say, on most days, I don’t really know what I’m doing but when I see that I’m able to make people happy through my work, everything suddenly makes sense! ❤

For those who have been asking about my tools,  I have listed them here.  For the rest of your inquiries, kindly send an e-mail to this address: ponggo[at]googlygooeys[dot]com ❤




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10 years ago

I loooove what you did with Karen and Aidz’s invites! Forever a fan Tippy! 🙂

Diadem Pambid
Diadem Pambid
10 years ago

I said it before, i’ll say it again. I will definitely contact you in the future for wedding invites XD So pretty invites they can already serve as wedding favors, hihi <3

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