Why Your Room is Messy

Do you always have stuff lying around? Find out why your room is messy here:

Why Your Room is Messy

The other day, I was looking back at our married life so far & I was thinking, “Hey! I think I’m finally (finally finally) comfortable with our set-up.”  I used to get crazy when I see Ponggo’s messy stuff lying around.  He has tools here & there as well as clothes and paper bags.  We live in a small space and every inch counts so if we don’t organize our things, it gets smaller.  On the other hand, Ponggo also gets crazy when I start doing my arts & crafts.  He actually didn’t want to share this picture when we did this colorful blog giveaway last year.

Googly Gooeys Messy Home

Above: It’s not really as neat as it looks 😛 I don’t really know how to do arts & crafts in a neat way.  It won’t be as fun 😀 

When people take a peak at our place through our my Instagram, they always tell me, “Oh your place must be so colorful”.  I just give them this sheepish smile thinking about how it looks like on a busy day.  Well, we’re almost always busy all the time. *Woops!*

However, unlike Ponggo, I always come to a point where I can no longer work when things are messy–he’s usually at home with this arrangement as long as it’s his stuff. Also, he hates it when I help him in cleaning up while I’m fine with anyone helping me sort my papers. 😀 (You know what? I actually already regret posting this photo. I feel like I can no longer claim being the neater one. Hahahaha.)  He usually quizzes me as to where I placed this & that and of course, being my silly self, I don’t remember everything.  Sometimes, I even get blamed for stuff I never touched. 😛

As stressful as it sounds, it’s just funny when we also encounter other couples who are going through the same thing!  I always tell couples who are not married, “Check each other’s room and you’ll have a preview of how half of your house will look like.”  Things will never be perfect & I guess someone will always be messier than the other 😉

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