Who’s Calling You?

Googly Gooeys Who's Calling You? "Wait! Don't answer that call! We are having this conversation!" "Wait! I promise it'll be quick" "No. Let me finish speaking" "I just want to check who's calling." "Fine. So, who's calling you?" "Why is your phone calling my phone?" "Oh is it? Teehee"

Who’s calling you?

Was there ever a time when your phone called another number & you didn’t even know until your friend told you the next day that he or she heard your whole conversation last night?  🙂 Did you ever have that moment when you had to wake up in the middle of the night thinking there’s an emergency call only to realize that it was just a pressed button.  Then you go back to sleep…then you wake up because there’s another call because your friend’s apologizing that he called you by mistake.  There goes your sleep 😉

These days, no matter how they have improved our phone features, once in a while, our phone still manages to call some random number.  So, be careful about what you say.  Someone might be listening 😉

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11 years ago

The boyfriend’s phone made a lot of calls like that last month, resulting to a horrendous phone bill. Haha. There was something wrong with the Home button making the phone think he was trying to do a voice command all the time. Fixed now. No more ghost calls. haha/

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