Why I Have No Weekends

I’ve been trying to trace back when this started & why I have no weekends. I practcially have no weekends.  Well, if I legitimately do, I start getting guilty.  I’d bring my laptop or any pending work where Ponggo & I will be going.  (More often than not, I end up being unproductive).  I also find myself lying down & staring at the ceiling only when I’m sick–at which point I get more stressed because I can’t do any work!

So I was thinking, since when did I become a robot whose only source of fulfillment is getting work done?  I guess it started when I was in grade school and it was World Youth Day (Please don’t Google the year…A lot of you might not have been born yet!).  Since we had a week off from school, what our teachers did to fill in the long vacation is to give three assignments per subject.  Then it went on: we had assignments on weekends and tests on Mondays so we were practically not allowed to enjoy our weekend unless it was summer.  Well, as much as I’d like to change it, I must admit, that helped me in college because even if we only spent a short time in school, our readings & projects practically ate up all our waking hours–even precious ZzzZzz time!

Years later, I still have the habit with me.  I would tell myself,
“Don’t reply to that work e-mail on a Sunday”.
“Don’t work on any pending files”.  Why I Have No Weekends

Then, on weekdays, I suddenly feel depressed, empty or both looking back at the weekend that did not exist and the vicious cycle goes on!  I guess I’ll never be able to break this habit?  How about you? How do you handle your weekdays & weekends?



Tipsy ♥

Wedding Invites

Meanwhile, here’s a portion of what I’ve been up to not just weekends but weekdays & weeknights as well! 😛 I’ve been really blessed with two kind & considerate brides this month.  They also happen to love purple.  I must admit I was partly pressured to make these two purple on purple invites distinct from each other.  Then I realized, I can’t really fight it: Pantone has already declared that Radiant Orchid is the color of the year and I shall be seeing it on the rest of the brides’ motifs this year for sure!

Above is the invite for Arman & Tal. I always get dizzy before starting with an invite.  I always think, “Do I have to paint? Will I make it handmade or not?” I realized I’m letting myself open to a number of options, I guess I will be sticking with this style for a while with handmade + watercolored elements. 🙂

Here’s the animated Save the Date version for Wesley & Peony. When Peony sent the final text for her story book (which I will be revealing at another time), I got teary eyed. It’s a long distance relationship & they made it work–you could really see the effort from each party! *Gasp!*

Anyway, to those who are interested in making me teary-eyed, please send your love stories as well as your invite and animation inquiries to ponggo(at)googlygooeys(dot)com.


Ate Charo (Whuttt???)

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10 years ago

hi! i don’t know what exactly you do for work but you’ve been a huuuuge creative inspiration to me! give yourself a break unless you find work therapeutic haha


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