Sunburn Phases

Ponggo & I spent a few hours of our workcation by the beach.  I know, I know: The word “workcation” doesn’t actually exist. Think staycation is for people who want to go on a vacation but are staying in a hotel or their homes and workcation is for people who want to go on a vacation but just can’t due to the pending amount of work but goes somewhere else to work anyway. Hehehe.  *Dear Self, Please stop making workcation work. It’s not going to sell.*

Anyhooz, we wanted to capture the locals of Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte fishing so we waited by the shore.  I consciously stood with my back against the sun because I’m so smart–I forgot to bring sunblock for my whole bodeehhhhh (body).  I thought I was fine until I tried moving my arms an voilaaaa, instant sunburn for staying under the sun in less than a couple of hours. Hmp!

So, for those of you who have been to the beach, who are about to go to the beach or have been to the beach, here are your sunburn phases:    Stages of a Sunburn

So I’m writing this with an uglier than usual back.  More than a reptile, I just actually look like a person who forgot to scrub her back & roamed the streets for 6 months.  The fun part though is seeing Ponggo become the victim of sunburn stage 3 where people actually forget that his shoulders are burninngggg!!! *Insert evil laughter here.*  It was just amusing to watch him cringe & hunch his back as my dad and uncles would pat him on the shoulder when talking to him.  Ho ho ho.  Well, it was enjoyable as while it lasted but today today, he just looks like some honey roasted dude.  I actually think his color suits him! *Yeah, I’m biased.* On the other hand, I’m a walking gradient with my arms darker than my legs & my back darker than my face & neck. *Le sigh*  But looking at my new skin now, how I wish I just exposed my whole back & got a full makeover instead of some half-fried, half-baked skin. 😛  Free diamond peel! 😉

‘Til our next beach trip (with hopefully more bearable heat)!


Tipsy ❤

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