When Ponggo & I got married, I was complaining about how he loves soup & noodles so much I find it boring.  I also feel that his food is too spicy it hurts my tongue & tummy!  Fast forward to almost three years later, the hubby is now complaining about my never-ending Chinese hand-pulled noodle phase with a bit of spice in it too! 🙂   I also give this no-not-again look when my mom invites me to eat at the same resto over and over.  But, actually, there’s this crepe resto that no one wants to go with me to just because it’s my go-to place since forever. Hehehehe.

Here’s a comic dedicated to you folks who love ordering the same thing over and over!

Ordering the Same Thing in a Resto
I don’t really know if there’s a spinach, celery & cucumber creamsicle or popsicle but Ponggo hates veggies.

So, where do you usually eat & what do you usually have? 🙂

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