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Why Is It So Hard to Sleep At Night

These days, I find it increasingly difficult to wake up early in the morning which is strange because I’m a morning person.  Then, thanks to taking long naps in the middle of the day, I end up finding it hard to sleep at night! Ugh.

So, when I found my workout classmate’s Facebook status that went,
“Why is it so hard to sleep at night when it’s so easy to doze off in the morning?”
I asked Altine Jimenez if this could be my next Googly post! 🙂 I’m so happy she said yes. 😀

Anyway, here’s to being able to sleep soundly at night…and yes, hopefully less nightmares especially to those who watched Jurassic World or Insidious 3.  Well, I have to admit I didn’t watch the latter because I believe I trained my mind to remember visual cues so I can remember it when I need to design something.  Also, I didn’t do well the last time I watched Conjuring–I was so scared of letting my feet dangle freely at the end of the bed for 6 months!


Ms. Scaredy Cat 🙂

P.S. Thank you so so much to everyone who attended the workshops this weekend and those who already signed up.  Our workshops are full until July 19!  Meanwhile, we opened a new Watercolor & Lettering session at Hey Kessy on July 25 and we will be in Singapore on August 1 & 2.  Click here to sign up. 🙂 See ya soon!

Meanwhile Type Lab MNL
We’re all nervous and excited for this: Type Kita & Abbey Sy are putting together the first ever typography conference of its kind in Manila aptly dubbed as Type Lab MNL.  A few weeks ago, we all gathered at Scarsdale for a day of behind-the-scenes shoot.  The photos below were taken by Shutter Panda Photography.

Adventure Awaits Kay Aransanzo
Chalk work by Kay Aransanzo (@KayAranzanso)

June Digan Painting
Watercolor Lettering by June Digan. It’s amazing how unique June’s style is.  She confesses that it took her 7 years to develop this.

June Digan Type Lab MNLShe’s currently working on a daily project where she gets to finish a piece a day.  I really wish I had this much determination, patience & talent.  I really hope she turns this project into a printed work like a calendar or something. :) Just imagine how people would go crazy over this!

Patrick Cabral Type Lab MNLWatercolor Lettering by Patrick Cabral.   I must confess I can barely manage using that small a brush!  I don’t have steady hands which is the reason why I love digital because you can easily edit whatever it is that needs to be moved and removed. 😀 Hihi.

Kay Aransanzo Type Lab MNL
Above is Kay Aransanzo at work.  This is just one of the aspects of her art.  I met Kay when I was a newbie at Ilustrador ng Kabataan (INK) and she makes really awesome illustrations–be it digital or traditional.

Typography Conference Philippines Type Lab Manila Abbey SyThen there’s Abbey who just deserves all the opportunities she’s been getting lately.  She puts so much heart and soul into her work and she never seems to run out of courage and determination to go for her dreams!

Fozzy's Writing ToolsThese are Fozzy‘s pens.  She’s the one who taught me how to do pointed pen calligraphy. It’s amazing how she’s so passionate about her craft and how she’s inspired so many to follow in her footsteps.

Tipsy Jelvin Base & Abbey Sy

Colorful Lettering Type Lab MNL
Then there’s me. Woops. My works are screaming C-O-L-O-R.  *Hides & runs away!* I’m really grateful for becoming a part of this.  First of all, this is unexpected because I can easily give you names of other typogrphers.  Secondly, thank you Type Lab MNL as this opportunity has made me reflect on my lettering journey since those days during my childhood when I refused to sleep and doodled & wrote the afternoon away.

Tippy's Palette

Tippy Jelvin Base & Abbey Sy
Above: Yours truly with Mr. Man Bun Jelvin Base & Abbey Sy

John Ed de Vera Now this is a awesome fusion between paper cutting & typography by John Ed de Vera.  He’s also the one responsible for coming up with those cool “Bawal Umihi Dito” murals that puts a twist on the urban scene.

Jelvin Base Lettering
Jelvin base is also one of the speakers.  It’s easy to distinguish Jelvin’s work because of his love for italics, the use of brush pen & the ruling pen. 🙂

Fozzy Book Calligraphy

Below are: Fozzy Castro-Dayrit, June Digan, John Ed de Vera, Kay Aranzanso, Abbey Sy, yours truly, Patrick Cabral & Jelvin Base. We can’t wait to see you on the 4th & 5th of July! 🙂
Type Lab Manila Speakers

The poster below was done by Katsy Garcia which makes me wanna sing,♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ I believe the children are our future! ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ So much fresh young talent. *Or am I really just getting old(er)?*

Typography Conference Philippines Type Lab MNL

Have you bought your Type Lab MNL tickets yet? 🙂 Head over to the Type Lab MNL website here. 🙂

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8 years ago

Oh yes WHY? And for some weird reason, my creativity kicks in a lot during the wee hours. Oh dear my body clock is one huge mess!

8 years ago

This is a dream come true for me! I wish I could have the courage to be in a gathering like this especially with all of you there! I’m such a fan of all of you and I hope to be a part of this event or your workshops someday! This would definitely be a success and I’m congratulating you all for putting up an event like this!

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