I was cleaning my wallet the other day & I saw a picture of me when I was five years old.  “So young, radiant and full of dreams”, I thought.  Beside it was my driver’s license.  There was a photo of me there that looked like someone who is so tired of life.  It was someone who lacks sleep and badly needs a pint of heavy duty conditioner and a hair brush!  I can also sense lots of self-loathing in the eyes of that girl who’s staring back at me!

Then & Now Not Wanting to Grow Up

When I was younger, I really hated the fact that I had to sleep at 8-ish.  I’m going to miss out on all the other shows and sleeping then, especially the after lunch siesta, felt like such a chore.  Now, I always crave for a decent 8-hour sleep.  I can’t sleep or I tend to wake up early on weekends because I always feel guilty that I should be working instead of resting.  (I hope that someday, if I ever suffer from a workaholic-related disease, my doctor won’t get to read this. *Yikes* )

I also remember wanting to be an adult just so that I can finally afford to buy all the art materials & stationery!  Now, I’ve practically loaded our tiny house with colorful books and filled the shelves to the brim with art materials.  But, when I see a child seated at a restaurant feeling so entitled to all the joys the world has to offer, I envy them quite a bit.  They don’t even have to worry about anything…well, at least not bills nor deadlines.  Not that I’m enjoying my work.  I actually do.

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Looking at all these then and now situations, it’s funny to see that we always want what we can’t have…especially those that money can’t buy!

Hope you remember that what’s important is that you get to enjoy today! 🙂


Tipsy ❤

P.S. What do you miss the most from your childhood?  Let us know & you might just see your answer in the next post.  For people with the same answers, only the first one will be credited so make it unique & personal 🙂

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