During this time of the year, most of us already have a journal in hand, ready to start the year. Β I can’t even believe some people go into great lengths to collect all sorts of journals?!!? Well, honestly, I can’t judge you because I also do the same thing with brushes, papers & illustration books. πŸ™‚

What probably attracts us to having a date book is that it helps us organize our life! πŸ™‚
Since we also have space to put events in it, we’re compelled to make new memories with friends and loved ones. Β There are so many journals in the market but I think, what sets The Daykeeper apart is its ability to inspire.

Lessons from a Journal

Personally, Kat San JuanΒ has inspired me to see more of the world. Β We met last year when she revealed to us that she was working on this personal project called The Daykeeper. Β It’s a compilation of her travel photos for the year but it’s also functions as a journal.

Daykeeper 2015 giveaway

This year, I again found myself caught up with so many tasks & found out that Kat was on a month-long trip to the U.S. to gather content for the second installment of The Daykeeper. Β “What am I doing with my life?”, I asked. Β I mean, work will go on forever and I can probably press the pause button and take time to live instead of being obsessed with making a living.

Daykeeper You Make Beautiful Things

The Daykeeper is also filled with little reassuring reminders. Β Just what we need to get through our day, week, month or year!

DayKeeper Giveaway

It’s also filled with Kat’s personal travel photos–a constant reminder for all of us to continue exploring our country and the world we live in. πŸ™‚

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Daykeeper Travel Pages

Last October, before I left for Europe, Kat, Aleyn & I met up at this colorful cafe. Β She asked me if I could write some phrases on paper for the wrapper. Β I just thought I would be seeing three words on the cover. Β I made multiple versions of it and got quite shocked my entire handwriting ended up becoming the wrapper of the whole thing!Β Daykeeper with Calligraphy

Anyway, congratulations Kat on the success of the Day Keeper! Β  May you continue to inspire more people to travel, be more grateful, invest in memories and seek inspiration wherever they may find them! πŸ™‚

Thank you as well for setting aside for our blog what might already be the last copy of The Daykeeper 2015!

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Update as of Jan 27:

Thank you so much to everyone who joined! Β I know it sounds cliche but really, thank you for all the very well-thought and heartfelt comments about The Daykeeper. Β If you don’t see your name below, doncha worry, we have another giveaway soon! πŸ™‚ Meanwhile, sorry for the online hiatus. Β I’ve been swamped with an overwhelming amount of work lately but I promise that things will be back to normal soon! πŸ™‚

*Woops, I was delaying you wasn’t I? Β But I’m pretty sure your eyes did some speed reading and went straight to this sentence*

Congratulations Bernadette Quilala! Β Please e-mail your mailing address within 3 working days to ponggo[at]googlygooeys[dot]com! πŸ™‚


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