Signs That You are a Gamer

Hello Everyone!

Tipsy here. I’m leaving you guys with Ponggo today.  He’s the game expert!  In fact, I think he spends more hours in a day gaming than talking to me. *Oopsies!*  Here are some signs that you are a gamer.

Signs That You are a Gamer

How many times have you wanted to get a game but did not have the time to go to the mall and purchase the disc itself? Also, how many times did you want to buy it & found out that it’s out of stock?

I’m a racing fanatic.  If you look at my box of games, there are only a couple of discs in it, namely Gran Turismo 5 and the latest, Gran Turismo 6. It took me a while to find GT6 since it was always out of stock in the malls.

While it was raining so hard last week and I couldn’t work at all, I was imagining myself seated on my favorite blue chair, relaxing & playing a nice game.  Since I’m not the type who wants to brave the rain nor the bad traffic that comes with it, I searched for games online.  I finally found a nice one–Need for Speed:Rivals.  It’s the latest addition to the Need for Speed series. Oh yeah!!!

I got the game online via the Playstation Store.  PSN Cards are available in the gray market here in the Philippines but I’m definitely not falling for those that are being sold at 1.5x their listed value .  So, where did I get mine?  From of course!  In the fine print


“Note: Currently, this item is available only to customers located in the United States and who have a U.S. billing address.” 

So, you may actually have a credit card but you can’t buy the games you like from Amazon.  Good thing I have virtual credit card that has an address in the U.S.!  How is that possible? I have Gcash Amex Virtual Pay! Problem solved.  I was able to buy my PSN Store Gift Card.

I purchased 2 US$20 cards to pay for my game! It only takes a minute for Amazon to generate these codes. After that, I started downloading the game!  Well, to download it is a different story! I just wanted to share with you my excitement at being able to purchase new games without leaving the house!  Now, time to buy those gems for Clash of Clans! Hahaha! SSSSShhhhhhh…. 🙂

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