Food To Try in the Philippines

We’re counting down the days to the actual exchange that will be happening soon!  Marcela will be arriving from Germany on the 31st and will be meeting up with Ponggo and fellow Big Blog X finalists Chichi, Aia & Hazel.  Since it will be Halloween, I’ve whipped up a version of Trick or Treat for her.

What is Halloween like in the Philippines?  Well, Trick or Treat is not really as vastly celebrated unlike Christmas.  Expect all major roads to provinces and cemeteries to be busy by this time as people are on their way to pay repsects to their dead and spend time with their families away from the city.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I wanted her to try the following but I just figured it deserved a new illustrated segment altogether. So, here’s a list of exciting food to try in the Philippines:

1. Balut (boiled duck embryo)

2. Isaw (small chicken intestines)

3. Betamax (grilled pork blood or as Ponggo puts it, coagulated pork blood cubes)

4. Adidas (chicken feet named after the same shoe brand)

5. Chicharon Bulaklak (deep fried large pork intestines)

6. Dinuguan – the root word is “dugo” which means blood. It’s pork blood stew.  Thank you Google.  I actually didn’t know the English translation for this until yesterday. Hehehe. I just know it’s yummy, spicy and best consumed with rice as a meal or puto (rice cake) as a snack.

7. Pork Sisig – Chopped grilled pork’s head best eaten with calamansi (local citrus fruit) and toyo (soy sauce). *Oh yeah!*

What Food to Try in the Philippines

Again, they’re not as appetizing as they sound in English but they’re local favorites so they’re really yummy! 🙂

What food would you like Marcela to try? Type away!

Not long to go!  I’m leaving on the 30th & I can’t wait to start uploading photos on Marcela’s Blog,!


Tipsy ❤

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9 years ago

Chicharong Bulaklak! THE BEST with more salt! ahaha! Argh! My kidneys! 😀

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