nuffnang blogopolis 2013

Googly Gooeys Blogopolis 2013 Quotes

Blogopolis 2013 Into the Wild! Sold-out & Jam-packed!

Blogopolis is like a blog congress where both bloggers & advertisers get to learn more about blogging, the social media & how to maximize it.  This year’s theme is #IntoTheWild wherein WILD stands for Weaving Information for the Leaders of the Digital World!  Blogging & social media can indeed be very tricky.  Sometimes, it feels […]

Googly Gooeys Which Character Are You for Halloween1

Halloween Character Quiz & the Nuffie Awards

  Hello Folks! We’re back! We’ve been vampires for the past few days with grueling working hours–mostly offline and often staying up late to finish some things!  But just like Frankenstein, we’re grateful to be aliiiive and grateful too for all things that have been coming our way although we still feel a bit zombie-ish

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