katipunan art festival

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GOOGLY GOOEYS, metro manila

Katipunan Art Festival in Photos

Update as of Sept 2017: I will be giving a talk at the Katipunan Art Fest this year! 🙂 More details here. Meanwhile, here’s a peek at what happened in 2015’s KAF! I just got home from the Katipunan Art Festival but I can’t wait to post the photos on the blog already before I […]

Googly Gooeys Work Cycle

Katipunan Art Festival + My Work Cycle

I started the day feeling feverish but it ended up being a really productive day!   I’m just scared that every single time I’m feeling inspired or I get to do a lot of things, I sort of have crash next day.  My brain refuses to work and I enter that phase where I become

Googly Gooeys Things Ive Accomplished Today
GOOGLY GOOEYS, pregnancy diaries

Of Exercise & Refilling the Calories Burned

Today, I really wanted to concentrate on my deadline.  But Ponggo noticed  I was getting burned out so I decided to start my day by exercising in the morning instead.  After that, I found myself refilling the calories I’ve burned. *Oops* People ask me why I still exercise, well, I always do for my mood

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