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Blog Giveaway! (Contest Closed)

—-Contest Closed—- Blog Giveaway winners have been announced here. Thank you so so much to everyone who joined. 🙂 ‘Til the next one! 🙂 —— Hi Guys! I’m really happy I’m back on my blogging console more regularly now!  I’m also laughing at how I thought this was going to be a chill week when I’m […]

Googly Gooeys Generating Ideas
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Of Ideas, Bloggys 2015 and Baby Clothes

Sorry for being MIA here on the blog and Instagram lately.  I spent the past few days catching up with some family time and preparing our tiny home for the newest member of our family. 🙂 I felt so adult when I bought a couple of drawers and groceries.  It’s feels like bahay-bahayan but not with

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