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Googly Gooey Instagram FAQ’s

Hello! Hello! I’ve been receiving the same questions over & over on Instagram so I was thinking, “Why not come up with an Instagram FAQ’s section on this blog?”  For those of you who haven’t gone to our Instagram Account, it’s a mishmash of projects, behind-the-scenes posts, random photos and doodles. 🙂 I’m not claiming to […]

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Googly Gooeys: FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions: 1.    Are your illustrations original? Do you make them yourself? T&P: Yes. All the drawings are original unless otherwise stated. The team consists of Tipsy (the graphic artist) and Ponggo (the writer / editor) while Ooey, Tipsy’s sister nitpicks on the graphics & presentation from time to time. 2.    What are the

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