Googly Gooeys: FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.    Are your illustrations original? Do you make them yourself?

T&P: Yes. All the drawings are original unless otherwise stated. The team
consists of Tipsy (the graphic artist) and Ponggo (the writer / editor) while Ooey, Tipsy’s sister nitpicks on the graphics & presentation from time to time.

2.    What are the names of your characters?
T&P: So far there’s:

Tipsy – the pink goo
Ponggo – the blue goo
Ooey – the yellow green goo
Mister Snooze – the mummy living inside the Egyptian sarcophagus ( redundant can this description get? :P)
Porky – the porcupine (a.k.a. Ponggo’s pet who looks like a hedgehog. But for the sake of alliteration & irony, we’re retaining the name Porky 😛 )
Guguri (ググリ) – the Googly ninja

(Hmm…so far, we haven’t posted anything about Porky yet on Tumblr.)

3.    Do you have more pictures? Where can I find them?

The complete & chronological posts are on Facebook.
If the link doesn’t work, try typing in “googly gooeys” on Facebook search.


4.    How do you make them?

T: Hmm..How do I answer this? It all started with a bad day last year. I started drawing random nameless figures and ended up poking fun at myself. Ponggo officially named them the Googly Gooeys.

5.    Where do you get your ideas?
T&P: They’re mostly stuff that happens to us & the people that surround us—daily mishaps & random musings 🙂

6.    Is it just a hobby? How do you manage it?
T&P: It’s pretty much a mini escape from reality. It’s like dancing or singing: You will always have a reason to do it whether you’re happy, sad, angry or depressed.

7.    Do you accept requests or suggestions?

T&P: Unfortunately, our current schedules don’t permit us to respond to requests. However, should you have a suggestion, feel free to send it in via Tumblr Ask or We’re rarely able to check the latter though.

Should we create an illustration out of your suggestion one day, we will include your Tumblr site / Facebook account name in the credits portion 🙂

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