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Offline Time! My Weekend on Instagram

Ready to be washed! Let’s begin with the ending! 🙂  Well, I was supposed to create a new cartoon. I wanted to upload something but our internet connection—moody more than ever—just confirmed my anti-digital stuff feelings for the day so here you are staring at my Instagram photos. I brought some projects with me to […]

Sago Project Orange Photos

Hello hello! :)

    Hello hello! 🙂 I promised myself that I should be spending more time offline during this long weekend (at least here in the Philippines). So I did. I bought a new set of markers & voila–got stuck doodling on oanother land. Here are some doodles I made this weekend. I also spent time

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How People Shop

My cousins and I talked about how people shopped and we’ve summed it up to this cartoon. Is this how some people you know shop? Related Post: Buyer’s Remorse Our Favorite Shopping Places in Hong Kong Who Shops More My Colorful Online Shopping Wish List Shopping Dilemmas

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