Offline Time! My Weekend on Instagram

Brushes for Washing & Watercolor

Ready to be washed! Let’s begin with the ending! 🙂 

Well, I was supposed to create a new cartoon. I wanted to upload something but our internet connection—moody more than ever—just confirmed my anti-digital stuff feelings for the day so here you are staring at my Instagram photos. I brought some projects with me to work on this long weekend (I know, I have this disease of always wanting to keep myself busy or else I’ll feel useless.  I’ll eventually get sick from working too much then I’ll re-enter the cycle again).

Cartoon Inky Watercolor Doodles

Woot for a productive Day 1! 🙂

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I don’t know what it is with my body: It only lets me sleep for 6 hours or less so on our first night of vacation, we all slept at 3am but I ended up waking up at before 9. O_o I started out with some inky doodles & I ended up spending the morning painting with a 5-year old Curtis—my first ever accidental student at the breakfast table. It’s just amusing how he’s more obsessive compulsive than me: he gets distracted each time his hands get on some paint.

Drawings by Curtis & I

Day 1 proved to be truly productive! My sisters-in-law Joanna & Charisse helped me out coloring in the cartoon drawings I needed for a project. I’m just so grateful they introduced some new color schemes and coloring techniques (thanks to their love for fashion!) or else, I will forever be stuck with my repetitive palette boring my brain cells to their own tragic death.

We were eventually joined by a three-year old Rana somewhere in the middle of having my hair dyed reddish brown and waiting for it to be rinsed. (Yeah…We have all kinds of mini activities).  I always forget that I changed my hair color until I see myself in the mirror.  I get this funny feeling that my hair has its own superpowers or that my hair belongs to some cartoon character it’s just too bad the rest of my body & way of dressing still has some catching up to do. My scalp’s still reddish although luckily, that’ll eventually disappear in two weeks.

Day 2

I spent my morning again with Curtis painting rainbows and some people (i.e. colored stick figures) ;). I really wish I brought one of our cameras with me.  For two days, we’ve been working at the balcony with a view of pine trees and a golf course with a cool wind blowing we actually have to washi tape all our artworks to our table since we’re scared they might all just all fly away or flip if we’re not too careful and we definitely have no plans of chasing them downhill or wherever the wind may take them.

Thanksgiving Elements: Turkey, Indians,Random Mardi Gras Elements, Watercolor, Polka Dotted Washi Tape

I also didn’t realize how much watercolor can make people happy. I’m just relieved I brought enough brushes, papers, bottles & palettes. Ponggo eventually joined us during day 2 although he eventually left us after our sarcastic comments. Haha. That’s how much we love him! 😛

Inky Watercolor Doodles

I usually take Instagram photos in the morning much to Ponggo’s dismay. I would roll up all our blinds so that our mini space is bright then take a photo under natural light. However, with this one, we usually end up coloring (until our brains get tired of spewing out new color mixes) which is usually just right after the sun sets and before dinner is served.

Ahhh..dinner. Speaking of dinner, we had a sinful servings of food this weekend.  Ponggo & I eventually convinced ourselves to take the long walk up the hilly roads.  By hilly, I mean around 30-degrees steep I eventually had to cheat and walk in a zig zag manner to dampen the impact of the slope on my knees.  I started out wearing a bonnet, a cardigan & a thick jacket since it was too cold but I ended up walking home wearing with none of the mentioned outerwear and jelly, shaking, aching, burning legs.  We were walking (on asphalt) under the moonlight with pine trees everywhere it makes me miss hiking! Well, the initial purpose of the walk was to burn calories but we ended up having our fill of post-dinner-dessert dessert 😛
Woops! I promised myself this was going to be a short blog post with a bunch of pictures and with one or two sentences underneath it but I ended up talking too much (again! Gaahhh…)
‘Til the next long weekend folks!
Psyching myself to finish the next project,

P.S. Speaking of Instagram, I’m @googlygooeys on Instagram while Ponggo is @ponggo_googlygooeys 😀
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