On Rainy Days Like These

How I Feel About Rainy Days

It’s been a really cold past 48 hours and I’m actually grateful for this kind of weather after having to endure the not-so-human-friendly summer heat (i.e. 39 degrees Celsius).  Well, on raniy days like these, I just really hope everyone’s in somewhere safe & warm.  By warm, I mean, you could be in thick clothing wearing winter clothes when really, it’s just 23 degrees C, or with a cup of hot chocolate close by…or with a laptop if not with a loved one…a beloved blankie!

Anyway, I was so happy to have worked with a couple of friends yesterday.  We call this our weekly “office day”.  When I’m not working at my day job, I just really need to surround myself with people who will motivate me to work on my pending projects.  Well, it was a success and since I have a very low EQ, I’m sharing with you a not-so-sneak-peek version of a couple of designs I finished working on. 🙂

Colorful Vector Illustrations Ice Cream Art Materials

Can you guess what it is?

Also, save the date!


See you on August 8 for something colorful! 🙂 Yes, you’re all invited. We’ll be revealing the details of this in the coming weeks!

P.S. New workshop schedules have been posted! 😉 Click here to sign up.

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9 years ago

A blankie, hot chocolate, a good book and all my favorite food on a rainy day! Perfect if you ask me. But then again being the ice cream monster that I am, I wouldn’t say no if someone gives me the treat even on rainy days like these. 🙂

9 years ago

It’s super hot here, but I’m under the AC so this post still sounds good to me lol.

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