Hello!  Welcome back to another edition of blog giveaway! (This is me pretending to be a TV host after a lengthy commercial break).  Today, we have with us, analog photographer Aleyn Comprendio & illustrator / watercolor artist and illustrator Valerie Chua 🙂  Ahh..I’m actually so happy to be working with these two on this postcard giveaway.  I must admit I actually got intimidated as to how I’m supposed to style & photograph their postcards while still giving justice to the personality of their brand / art 😀 *Gets tissue to wipe off sweat from forehead.*

Val Chua Group Pic of Postcards

Above: 3 sets of postcards to be given away! Woohoo!

First off, we have Valerie Chua. I’ve been following her blog for a while now.   I actually joined her watercolor class last year & this year!  Haha.   Armed with a brush, she makes watercolor look so effortless while here I am panicking now and then blurting out a high panicky “Ahhhh!” when water runs on my paper where it’s not supposed to go. Hehe.

Val Chua Pastries

Above: I’m probably not one of your best prop stylists as I take things too literally by placing a cake stand beside this painting about pastries.  As a disclaimer, those are not Valerie’s brushes.  Actually, she might be horrified to see that most of them are due to be replaced / thrown away. Lol. 

Valerie’s work has landed on several magazines & even made it to the cover of DPI Magazine in Taiwan!  She’s also the go-to artist of a number of broadsheets and magazines.Val Chua Postcard on Frankie

I don’t know how many times I’ve already recommended her Valerie Chua Watercolor Workshops to my friends & fellow Instagram addicts. 😀  Then again, if you want to join, be sure to enroll as soon as you see the poster because the slots get filled up lightning fast!

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A couple of years ago, I was so into designing things digitally and I was a bit paranoid that if I spent time doing things manually, it’ll eat up what could possibly be the time to develop my crude digital craft.  Apparently, taking up workshops like watercolor actually gave me an additional perspective on the origins of certain tools, how colors blend as well as how I can possibly merge handdrawn / hand-painted images with the final digital output.  

Val Chua Solo Girl on Frankie & Watercolor Pallet

Meanwhile, we’re all just glad that Valerie has watercolor works in bite-sized pieces (i.e. signed postcards) for us to forever be inspired with! Hehehe 😀

Aleyn Array on Floor

Next up is Aleyn Comprendio!  Last year, we’ve collaborated with Aleyn on this post and as I’ve mentioned before, this is one of my favorite collaborations since the pointers she has shared does not just apply to analog photography but to life or any form of art in general ❤

Aleyn (Preview on Instagram)3 boots

Aleyn recently came out with a set of postcards entitled Windswept Letters these are signed, limited edition postcards.  Aleyn is known for her dreamy photographs with muted colors and styled muses.  Each photo makes you want to just live inside that world and wish that it was just a sunny day forever!  It also makes you want to beg the question, “Where is this?? Please take me there!!”  It also makes you want to wear a wreath on your head and wear a dainty dress, stare into nothingness hoping that your pose is picture perfect. 🙂
Aleyn on Chair

I also enjoy the text & music that Aleyn always puts after each blog post and I’m actually guilty of overplaying her 8tracks playlists. 😀 Aleyn’s works has made it to several online & print publications as well as blogs and exhibits!

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Aleyn Pentax & Easel

Above: …and here’s Aleyn’s work on an easel in front of the burlap that the postcards were wrapped with 🙂  I really wish she would offer portrait services. Hahahaha. 😀  P.S. That’s Ponggo’s camera which I stole while he wasn’t looking.  *Just happy that it’s still in once piece after the shoot* If your eyes are keen, you’d spot the LoveNikitaPH collar from here.
Googly Gooeys Cork Board

Finally, we’re also giving away some Googly Gooey Summer Postcards from  this post & this post. If you think the stuff in this photo is cluttered, well, I have bad news for you: on a normal day, that’s just 1/5 of the books and necklaces and lanyards 😛 Googly Gooeys on Frame

Above: Yes, I still that jar from this workshop & origami cubes from this post.Googly Gooeys Postcard on Wall

Finally, I love posting postcards on my wall.  To boot, they shouldn’t have been called postcards if they weren’t posted on some wall don’t you think? *I’m too corny for my own good* Anwyay, I won’t stall any of you.  You know the drill! Just follow the instructions on the widget below & let the games giveaway begin! 🙂

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