Of Emojis & a La Union Workshop

Hello from Singapore! 🙂
I don’t usually have time to blog while I’m on a trip but today, I just had to spend time to recover from our early morning flight–hence, lack of sleep.  I’ve been kinder to my body ever since I got pregnant.  I’m also resting & gathering some energy for a couple of Watercolor & Lettering Workshops tomorrow!   I can’t believe it’s happening!  I mean, 5 months ago, it seemed like a rather scary & distant idea.  So, thank you so much to Abbey & Mansy for pushing me to do this!   Thanks too to Pauline, Maan for helping spread the word! 🙂

Speaking of friends, recently, especially in Instagram & chat apps, we’re all been addicted to looking for the right emoji and Facebook stickers.  I don’t know why but it’s fun.  Now, I wonder how much time people actually really spend looking for the right thing to post! 🙂

Searching for the Right Emoji

Thanks to all those who participated in our Instagram post here by replying with emojis! 🙂


La Union Workshops

I can’ believe we’re having workshops by the beach come end of August!  We were in La Union a few months back and Mansy, Abbey & I were daydreaming about holding a workshop together out-of-town.  🙂 Now it’s real! 🙂 We will be in La Union for the long weekend!  I will be holding a capsule workshop of Brush Lettering.  The workshop will only be 2 hours because we’re pretty sure you want a relaxing version of the usual intensive course especially when your ears are being fed with the soothing sound of crashing waves & rustling leaves. 

The Brush Lettering Workshop Materials are as follows:

Workshop Materials :
1 Watercolor Brush
1 Zig Fudebiyori Brush Pen
1 Lettering Worksheets
1 Pencil
1 Eraser
1 A4 300gsm Watercolor Sheet
Shared Materials: Prang & Dr. Ph Martin’s Watercolor bottles (Participants are also allowed to bring their own watercolor sets).
Kit Upgrade 
Participants may choose to upgrade their kits for a fee of Php 500.00 which will include the following:
1 Googly Tote Bag
1 Googly Notebook
1 8-color Prang Set
2 Sheets of A4 300gsm Watercolor Paper
Upgrade kit items may not be sold separately.
Weekend Package: Php 5,500.00 which already includes the following:
a. 1 workshop of choice (Limited slots per class)
b. Transportation from Manila to La Union and back
c. 3 days, 2 nights lodging and accommodations at Flotsam & Jetsam (or at our partner hostels)
d. Free access to Block Party’s weekend activities:
-Kitchen Takeover by Resultado Gourmet’s Chef Theo Zaragoza and Sugar Babies Desserts’ Chef Marie Advincula and Casey Santos
-The Walking Labyrinth with Julia Nebrija and Leeroy New
-Photo Exhibit by the Beach
-Craft Pop-up Shops
-Live Art by June Digan
-Mural Painting by Jelvin Base
-Sunset Sessions with Folk Yeah
Can’t wait to craft with you at the Type Kita & Block Party’s Vitamin Sea Craft Sessions! 🙂
Sign up here. :)Sea ya soon! :)XOXO,
TipsyRead more about our previous roadtrips to Flotsam & Jetsam here:
Our Flotsam & Jetsam Weekend
A Silly & Pensive Weekend in La Union


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8 years ago

So the materials are not included in the package fee and we have to bring our own? I wish I can attend! o>3<o

Cym Marzan
8 years ago

That looks like a super fun beach weekend! Hope I could go!

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