Mixing Up Dates

Googly Gooeys Mixing Up Dates April23

The calendar inside my brain has been so messed up lately I’ve been mixing up dates. I found myself sitting at a cafe one day early for a meet-up with high school friends and one day late for an exhibit that I’ve always wanted to visit.  Recently, I thought Ponggo had to leave the house for his flight at 4pm on a Monday but apparently, he meant 4AM on a Tuesday.

Today, I apologized to my cousin for setting up a movie and dinner date (since our men will both be out of the country) on a Tuesday when it was supposed to be a Thursday. She texted back that I actually told her that we were going to hang out on Thursday! At the same time, I told my friends that I’ll be watching a movie on Tuesday instead of a Thursday.

On certain days, I kind of think that it’s a Monday but it’s also a Tuesday. I think the way I set up appointments on my phone is partly to blame. I make sure I don’t forget meetings & deadlines so I remind myself one day early then the confusion begins. Argh!

I’m hoping to be able to sort out all this mess soon! Maybe it’s time to go manual again & make use of the huuuuuge desktop calendar (and decorate it in the process).

Has this happened to you? Am I the only one?

Confused & amused,

Tipsy ❤

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12 years ago

oh yeah… happened to several times.. haha

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