Lost in Translation

One night, one of my classmates from high school commented on my personal Facebook post & said, “I remember you had one of the nicest penmanships” to which Ponggo replied, “Are they blind?!?!”Ugly Handwriting Problems

The other week, Ponggo & I were editing a video.  He was checking the script I prepared & here’s how the convo went:
P: “What is this Wuhawoohawoo? What does it mean?”
T: “Oh! That’s when the song goes Wooooahhhhh”

Last night, he was editing his Excel files & asked:
P: “What does CRENT mean? Is there even such a word?”
T: “That’s Event. That’s a c. Not an E.”
P: “What’s this before the e-mail address? What letter is that?”
T: “That’s a drawing of a mailbox.”
T: “You know, I used to have a really nice handwriting.”
P: “I don’t believe you…nor any of your friends.”
T: “I got an HS (Highly Satisfactory) in penmanship class and they gave me allowed me to use a pen instead of a pencil as a reward.”
P: *Stares back in disgust & disbelief.*

Later that night, the hubby was complaining & seemingly lost in translation:
P: “Can you translate & interpret this for me?”
T: “Which one? I only know English, Tagalog & Ilonggo?”
P: “Your handwriting!?!?!?!”

*Case closed.* 😀

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9 years ago

Too cute you two! 🙂

SORTED Got Me Sorted
SORTED Got Me Sorted
9 years ago

I feel you. I have really pointy, all-uppercase handwriting that looks like a man’s handwriting. :/

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