Googly Gooeys Favorite Moments from Your Childhood
Googly Gooeys Favorite Moments from Your Childhood

Come to think of it, I’m writing this on a Thursday. So, techinically, this is a Throwback Thursday post! 🙂 A note to myself in the future (if I ever come across this page someday), Throwback Thursday or #tbt is the day when people would post photos of their younger selves mainly on Instagram.  🙂

So, we’ve asked you about your favorite childhood memories and here are your answers.

Favorite Moments from Your Childhood

I still remember a lot of stuff from my childhood like playing piko (the local version of hopscotch) & patintero (yes, I can’t find a proper translation) every single day!  We also played taguan (hide & seek)  and the power crisis of the ’90’s was a perfect backdrop.  I would go biking in the morning & in the afternoon and get chased by dogs most of time!  We would also pretend to cook leaves & flowers and eventually angered the moms of our neighbors because we played with actual fire & one time, we picked most of the leaves from their Malunggay tree (Horse Raddish Tree)!

I would also pick our neighbors’ sampaguita (Gahh..Mass murder of flowers at an early age). I would get bitten by wasps once every two years and I always managed to wound on or both of my knees thanks to all those games.  There were also days when my cousin & I would bike around their village with a map we would make up, which come to think of it, probably looks like Pangaea thanks to the fact that all the countries we could think of are just beside each other & are just a bike ride away!  We thought Australia & Austria were just one & the same place (the latter’s just a nickname).

While my friends are having their siesta, I would always busy doodling all afternoon.  I’d make my parents DIY cards on special occasions (which I still actually do now..Oops).

Ahh..I could go on and on and on about this but I would rather hear your side of the story. So, looking back, what’s your favorite memory from your childhood? 🙂

Googly Gooeys Meanwhile Section

Thank you so much to Janine Vangool of Uppercase Magazine for featuring our office supply alphabet!  I got hooked on Uppercase Magazine when I first bought a copy of their Work / Life 2 book.  It was a peak into the lives of illustrators.  I’ve always wondered if my work was getting in the way of my life & vice versa.  Apparently, for most of the people who are into designing, their jobs and their lives are two inseparable processes.  This was so enlightening for me!

Sometimes, I would find myself doodling elements for a new project while opening a bank account.  Since I feel that it’s time consuming to have my hair dyed, a couple of times, I actually ended up bringing my laptop into the salon twice.  I would wrap up blog posts while waiting for my excercise class and manage to sneak in an Instagram post or even a blog post while on on the way home from a road trip.

Having said that, aside from the Uppercase books, there’s also the quarterly magazine which is rich with inspiring visuals!  I’m particularly in love with issues 18 & 19 which is about stationeries & geometric shapes respectively.  You guys probably know by now how much love shapes, just look at the blog header! Haha.

Anyway, thanks again Janine & Uppercase mag for uppercase alphabet feature! We had so much fun doing the project 🙂

Googly Gooeys Question of the Week

P.S. See your answer in one of our next posts.  Let us know what’s your go-to stress buster! 🙂

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Mr. Bosco the Pug
Mr. Bosco the Pug
10 years ago

Watching movies while eating yummy popcorn!

Cha Sembrano
Cha Sembrano
10 years ago

haha so cute! Thank you Tipsy & Ponggo!