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Voicing out opinions and ideas can be scary at times. What if I’m the only one who feels this way? Are my fears even valid? So many thoughts run through my head every day. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you might be a fellow overthinker too! Hihi.

When Riley came along, I realized how hard it must be for parents. The day I witnessed a friend’s transition from pregnant to new mom at the hospital, I talked to my parents the next day and told them that I finally understood that life simply does not come with a manual not even for dads and moms.

I realized, we’re all just winging it at some point and it’s totally okay to admit that it’s hard. (Luckily, Riley’s kisses can easily wipe off a day’s worth of stress…and I also have to wipe off the extra non-smelly drool on my face thanks to my little man. It’s more effective than coffee or chocolates!)

I remember suffering from dry and cracked skin because I washed my hands ever so thoroughly and repeatedly before touching Riley or his feeding bottles. Hello, germs? Bath time was scary too. What if I’m not holding him right? Did water just get into his ear? Was that soap hypoallergenic? Where did Mr. Rubber Duckie go??

Juggling career, relationships and a baby is a tough *but rewarding* job and not to mention one that comes with so much doubts. Every single time I get to talk to co-parents, I’m filled with so much relief. I realize that their worries are the same as mine.

Iya Baby Primo GGY9256

One such event was when I got to share a table with fellow moms at the Babyflo ® event. We exchanged stories, laughed at how we managed to survive it all and how the rewards of parenthood have far exceeded its challenges. I swear, I could go on all day about how parenting will make you want to improve yourself: from chucking out most of negative thoughts—because you don’t have energy anymore, wanting to be role model for your child, and not having the luxury to cram work so you have space for emergencies like your baby throwing up in a public space, pee surprises and the like. Also, since life continues to put you out of your comfort zone, you just willingly sign up (by default) for the next adventure.

Baby Primo GGY 9242

Last week, I didn’t know what I was in for when we were invited by Baby Flo. However, a couple of hours into the event, I found myself laughing (almost teary-eyed too) on how Drew & Iya candidly painted a picture of parenthood. With them was smiley baby Primo as the newest addition to their family aka “Team A”, the duo has come to establish the importance of each parent’s role in the family, time management despite their schedules and making fun out of the toughest moments: Think nappy time at 3:00 am! Or here at home, that’s when Riley decides to grab one of my paint tubes and goes “mamam”?

GGY 9214

They also introduced the Babyflo ® jingle with a spontaneous hip hop version.
Iya Drewe GGY 9305

You can really see the the years Drew & Iya have spent building their chemistry and how they compliment each other as parents! 🙂 This is something really important especially during the more challenging days (and nights) of parenting. 🙂

Iya Drew GGY 9304

This is why as a mom, I’m thankful for products that help make Riley’s favorite time of the day more enjoyable just like Babyflo ®.  Also, crafted with care, I no longer have to worry about what touches my baby’s sensitive skin making sure that bath time is an enjoyable bonding session. In Riley’s words, “Nging nging” (i.e. swimming because we really let him play in his tub before we give him a bath). 😀

Baby Flo 2 GGY 9223 copy

Babyflo® Bath comes in two variants: Babyflo Oatmeal Bath® and Babyflo Soap-Free Bath®, which are both gentle and safe for baby skin. BabyfloBabyflo ® Oatmeal Bath is for dry and itchy skin, enriched with colloidal oats to seal in moisture. Babyflo Soap-Free Bath® is for all skin types especially super sensitive skin, it’s fragrance and paraben-free.

Baby Flo Collage

Apparently, Babyflo® is produced by Philusa Corporation and it has been in the industry for 60 years. I always wondered what makes corporations & businesses survive decades of unpredictable business environments. Then, Neogin Evangelista, President of Philusa Corporation revealed that their company has this advocacy of making sure that high quality consumer products within reach of every Filipino.   Did you know Philusa Corporation also makes Rhea, Cleene, Albatross, Mediplast & more?

Baby Flo 1 GGY 9215 copy

With a far-reaching vision such as that, we will definitely see more of Philusa Corporation &Babyflo® in the coming years. As Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it”.

Philusa Corporation & Babyflo® are definitely making sure that more than the products, parents and babies are able to make the most out of their time together. They even partnered with Baby Bonding Philippines in the hopes of giving babies the best possible start in life. According to research, a healthy bond between parents & babies will help the latter’s brain development and minimize their stress too!

Arellano Family Pic GGY 9290 copy

How’s that for a product that looks after you? 🙂

Here’s to more happy moments with your babies!
Also, I can’t wait to watch what Drew, Iya & Primo will be up to! 🙂




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